Old Clock

There is that old clock

ticking on the wall nearby

and just now, a fly

landing on this very page

as I ponder, where’s the rage?

The flies are happy

death abounds but where are all

those beautiful sounds

that symphony of nature

the birds joyful song, water

flowing as it should

eroding nothing but death

but death surrounds us

and we send death everywhere

from the mountains to the sea

the desert to the valley

now a flea jumps off

the dog and finds another

and we smother it

we smother the fleas and ticks

with death, and an ant, just now

crawled onto this page

and I didn’t hesitate

to decide it’s fate

and we have become so good

at deciding others fates

ants, ticks, people, trees,

birds, bees, fleas, oceans, rivers,

mountains, deserts, and valleys

we keep sending death

so now the flies feast

as the earth and us decay



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Even if love is a human construct

Say goodbye with a hug
that says I love you
and with words as well
even when people are busy
even when you can’t find them
keep looking
continue to search
until you find them
don’t leave
without saying goodbye
with a hug that says
I love you
even if love is a human construct
and always hug
and kiss goodbye
and hello
please always let them know
I love you
always let them know
you are my sister
always let them know
because even if one time
you’re running late
and you stop looking
and you leave without saying goodbye
without words or a hug
and you go to bed
and you wake up
sometimes it’s too late
and today it’s too late
but this is life
and regret is a knife
and now you bleed
but grief is sharp as well
so you’ll wind up bleeding either way
but just to be safe
always say goodbye
with a hug
that says I love you
and always say it with words
it’s just three words
and in case it’s been awhile
since we’ve said goodbye
just know
I love you

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The Hour Glass

Death has always filled
the land, are we the hour glass
or are we the sand?

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These Herbs and You (for Lisa)

Tender herbs
with loving hands
remind us of you
ever so delicately
with so much love
with so much intention
with so much respect
after time
with so much care
so aware
that we are all stardust
as you prepare these gifts
for Merwin
as you prepare these gifts
for Buddha
as you prepare these gifts
for sinners
as you prepare these gifts
painting our plates
with different shades of green
for humanity
for Mother Earth
for the seen
and the unseen
each and every meal
prepared to heal
each and every bite
prepared to right
oh so many wrongs
each and every time
from the soul
composing such beautiful
beautiful songs
so tender,
these herbs,
and you.

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Elegy for Lisa

A shooting star
piercing darkness
an artist
painting a way out
ʻōhiʻa rising from lava
flowing onto the page
raging against the dying
of the trees
shouting, “We hold the keys
to unlock the clouds”
and I could see the forest
in your eyes
and though the earth
still dries
I will water you
into tomorrow
nurturing these seeds
and rejoicing as new life
breaks through the soil
and reaches for the sun.

Your work, sister
has only just begun.

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And No More Pain

Refugees drown
and koalas burn
the earth turns brown
and billions yearn
to breathe clean air
and live to see
the day humanity’s
finally free
and healthy
and happy
and healing the land
and no more man made
flames are fanned
and no more Wall Street
and no more war
and no more rich
rotten to the core
and no more poor
and no more pain
and no more man made
tales of Cain
and no more rain
without the beau
and no more fear
so love can grow

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Just Say No

There are so many layers
and layers and layers
and layers and layers
of trauma
yet we still say “just say no”
when we need to just say no
to this cruel and inhumane
despicable racist
and classist way
of criminalizing intergenerational trauma
when we need to just say no
to continuing this occupation
to continuing this oppression
to continuing this trauma
to continuing this desecration
to continuing this genocide
that this fake state tries to hide
behind white sand and Mai Tai’s
pretending that this pearl was a prize
for being “civilized”
how about we just say no
to ignorance and lies
how about we just say no
to chemical companies
destroying the land
how about we just say no
so the ‘aina can heal
and the people can grow
and the seeds that they sow
can free this land
so star is removed
and united we’ll stand

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