Stand Up

Strings pulled



try to stop

and you won’t get a chance

they’ll deny you

three times

prove that crime pays

start screaming in your face

laces out

have no doubt

they’ll hang you

with a shoelace

switch to sandles

distract you with bullshit scandals

two bits for a shave

burried in a shallow grave

want you to conform

and give in

let them win

they call it sin

betray their kin

compost bin with your heart

theres no end to it

when did it start?

it’s past the halfway point

stop pointing fingers

this is bigger than a game

sing and dance

I’ll pray for rain

come at me

like a hurricane

singing the blues

on red-eye flights

no more white flight

stand up and fight

for justice

betrayed sisters and brothers

with a kiss

for too long

if you can’t sing

hum along

don’t act like you don’t know

the tune

hold my hand

I promise

the pain will end soon

melt silver coins

make a spoon

to take your medicine

the games not over

we might win…






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Cover Cross

The years have flown by,
the ink has long dried
but I lost God
somewhere in the sand

this cross I still bear
so my story I share
and here on my own
I now stand

I am not bragging
that I’m now on the wagon
and I don’t need a God
to behave

I’m a good person
and I live to help others
no, I don’t have a soul
you can save

spare me your words
and save both our time
I believe in what’s real
but then I draw the line

no story books
and fairytails
no carpenters
and no more nails

draw a tree
over this cross
grab silver coins
and I will toss

don’t kiss me
on the cheek
I’m nice
but I’m not meek

nothing is ever
set in stone
ashes to ashes
and broken bones

and phones
to call the shots
fly drones
connect the dots

parking lots
and litter bugs
broken cots
prescription drugs

I can’t sleep
this one off
let’s kill sheep
turn and cough

bless me chaplin
I have sinned
what’s with your
shit-eating grin

the Romans
have arrived
I’m now prepared
to die

I’ll tie one on
from dusk till dawn
then hang out with
my fellow pawns

watering the tree
at long last
I am free

of something empires
use to control
no longer confused
penny for my soul

and a nickle
for your thoughts
its a shame
we’ve all been bought

paid the price
for manmade bread
taste for blood
now you’re dead

in three days
it won’t rise
it’s a shame
we lived a lie

it’s over now
the cross is gone
water trees of truth
not manmade lawns

the new ink
starts to dry
a tear drops
from my eye

Pages Turning

time is speeding up

slip sliding sand

through breaking glass








gone too fast

this moments in the past

already long gone

blown away

today fades to tomorrow

too soon

another yesterday

and grey skies

cloud the blue again

June fades into July

not to give away the ending

but soon enough

we will all die

no need to cry

for milk spilled

this is how

its always been

pages turning faster

moving closer

to the end



The cable was strong
binding the two together
but after years
and stormy weather
it began to show signs of age
and as a new storm raged
it started to fray
until one day
only the thinnest wire remained
and, to the untrained eye
it might have looked just fine
but it was ready to let go
could never go back
to how it once was
mending wasn’t possible
rust and corrosion
from the salty air
scared those who stood close by
I cried
when I saw the last wire snap
the two began to drift apart
and the frayed wire slapped
the side
as the last gusts of wind
died down
and the storm grew fainter
moving further out to sea

No Fear

The angry Gods
have made their choice
cut out our tongues
removed our voice

burned our crops
and plagued our land
broke our legs
cut off our hands

gouged out our eyes
cut off our ears
they’re angry,
we still have no fear

no evil we hear
speak or see
we’re thankful that
we’ll soon be free

they brought us to
the hangman’s tree
and here we hang
we’re finally free


Seeking refuge
from the storm
the air’s on fire
chaos the norm
black and blue
and shades of grey
my soul is tired
but I’m okay

thank you for this
milk and bread
bless you now
my child is fed
we’ll keep on moving
at first light
this nourishment
will help us fight

to stay alive
and see this through
we can’t control
what others do
the ends we seek
are not the same
we are not players
in this game

the lines were drawn
the gold was spent
but we lived where
the storm was sent
the lives we knew
turned upside down
still, waters rise
our families drown

the blood runs deep
on planet earth
tell me what
a life is worth?
the rain brings death
from up on high
floods all the land
no village dry

I cry, but tears
don’t quench the pain
look back and see
more violent rain
but we’ll move on
towards dryer land
will we be met
with open hands?

and outstretched arms
and endless love
or will the hawk
destroy the dove?

Still and all, why bother? Here's my answer. Many people need desperately to receive this message: I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone. -Kurt Vonnegut


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