LOVE (Like a Beatle)

All you need is





and eventually we’ll figure it out

scream and shout

at the tops of our lungs

doesn’t matter where you’re from

who you’re with

or what you do

I love you

like a brother

or a sister

because you are

and shooting star


beats dive bars

raising hell

like an archangel

I fell from the top

of my lungs

deep breath

where you from?

who’s left?


left alone

broken cell


broken glass

too many stones

break my heart

not sure where to start

but in the beginning

they planted the seed

then something went wrong

got consumed

by greed

consuming things

we don’t need

I need


and you need


and I don’t care

what they tell


and I won’t buy

what they try to sell


and I just know

in my heart

that the only

place to start






eventually we’ll get there

wearing hearts on sleeves

getting raked like leaves

born again

in the compost bin

back to the earth

for what it’s worth

ashes to ashes

and dirt to dirt

under my fingernails

cut off

before I set sail

bail me out now

I’m sinking

can’t stop thinking






I believe we need








how about we dissolve

all of our hate

lets hold hands

and let perfect strangers

past the gate

who’s with me?

we can’t be late…

we gotta go

just imagine

that we’ll get there


from here

across the ocean

we’ll see

the universe

in harmony

eating strawberries

with our enemies

cant you see

how great it will be

when we get to a place

where all we see









19 November 2015

The `aina is calling me
sweet home
ready to go
ready to know
fill this blank slate
ready to grow
gardens of plenty
time is on our side
fields grown over
well rested
ready to plow
ready to bow
aloha ke akua
through with the negative
only positive
positively ready
to give
ready to live
in the moment
live for the land
give to the future
dig in
take a stand…
I’m ready…

Fluffy, Puffy & 2-Pec

Fluffy is a chicken
a puffy fluffy chicken
a puffy fluffy chicken
whose eggs are finger-licking…
good grief
she says
as I butter my toast
in preparation for those eggs
I love the most
and don’t think she doesn’t know
as she watches me go
rob her daily
until one day
seeing this puffy, fluffy chicken
depressed at the loss of her egg
I ask if she wants chicks
‘Cluck-cluck’ she says
cluck-cluck indeed, Ms.Fluffy

Since there is no rooster,
I borrow some fertilized eggs
from a friend
with a hen
with fertilized eggs to lend
and Fluffy sat on them
as if they were her own
and she sat,
and she sat
ever nervously watching the cat
knowing not that he’s harmless

and one morning
as I brought Fluffy her food
‘peep-peep’ I heard
and then another
Ms. Fluffy was a momma,
two chicks hatched,
two went missing,
maybe stolen by a mongoose,
but two hatched!
First came Puffy, “Peep-Peep”
said Puffy.
Then out from underneath Big Momma Fluffy
came little 2-Pec
who was a nervous wreck
until Fluffy nestled him beneath her
next to Puffy
and he knew
that everything
would be okay.

Be Humane: The Spay & Neuter Song

On the island of Molokai

In a place they call Kalae

There was a cat

Named after a Phish song


This here is his story

It might get a little gory

But Once you know the lyrics

please feel free to sing along…


Mr. poster was a cat

And He was getting mighty fat

Stealing food away

from family, friend and foe


He was getting way too greedy

even ate our pet bird Petey

That’s when Artie said

“His balls have got to go”


John chimed in and said

“Poor cat would be better off dead.

To neuter Poster

is to take away his spunk.”


Artie said “I do not care

To other cats he is unfair

Please take him To the vet

Let them cut off his junk.”


Then John and Artie went away

To Oahu one day

So we lured him in the cage

with some cat food


Then we took him to the vet

On a trip he won’t forget

And he was groggy

when we picked him up at noon.


Now the other cats have peace

And posters life has a new lease

he’s high on mice

Less so testosterone


and we don’t feel too bad

that he’ll never be a dad

It’s not like they put his head

inside a cone.


Like Bob said day and night

On his show the Price is Right

spay and neuter

or they’ll take you for a fool


Tell Everyone you know

Tell people everywhere you go

And when you get there

Tell all your friends at school…


Spay and neuter your pets

Spay and neuter your pets

spay and neuter your pets, pets, pets

spay and neuter your pets

spay and neuter your pets

It’s an act you won’t regret


It’s our kuliana

The pets we have we must Malama

So they don’t starve

And knock up half the town


Their lives are sacred too

We all know what we must do

And we’ve all heard

What goes down at the pound


So spay and neuter your pets

Spay and neuter your pets

spay and neuter your pets, pets, pets

spay and neuter your pets

spay and neuter your pets

Whether you’re on the right or the left


Fixing pets is what to do

If you are Muslim, Christian, Jew,

Zoroastrian, Buddhist or Baha’i


Spay and neuter your pets

And you’ll have no regrets

Spay and neuter your pets

So they don’t have to diiiie!


If you live on Moloka’i

Or you live nowhere near Hawaii

whether you are young or old

Whether it is hot or cold

you can get there fast or slow

just as long as you go…

to spay and neuter your pets!


Oh and Mr. Poster,

He’s doing just fine

Miles Davis Cool At A Mile High: Ode To An Obstacle Race Construction Crew

September 2015

Miles Davis Cool At A Mile High:
Ode To An Obstacle Race Construction Crew

Part One:

Mile high
buy me another drink
about flying
spread wings like dead eagles
and sing
at the top of my lungs
peanuts and pretzels
bound for town
after town after
drown sorrows
seven dollar Jack Daniels
wearing boots for the flight
not sandals
so my feet ache
socks sweaty
boots caked
with mud from work
can’t pack them though
put me over the fifty pound limit
trim it
as much as I can
barley made it
past security
ran to the gate
just a few minutes late
for last call
but I heard the warning
and I just found out
that this new guy on the crew
missed it
and had to catch a later flight
because he pissed his pants
he’s Miles Davis-cool though
doing the pee-pee pants dance
in the airport stairwell
but that never ends well
and now we all land late
and in the wrong city
-except for Shitty…
he drove-
because a pregnant eagle met its fate
cracked our planes windshield
now we’ve emergency landed in Philly
still an hour to go
in bed before midnight
then a six am wake-up
so it goes…

Part Two:

On the last leg of the flight
my debit card won’t work
and I need a goddamn drink
I’m about to go berserk
but just then Tweak
buys me a round
because he knows
it’s been a rough week
straight up
no cola
or ice
it’s nice to work
with good people
fuck a steeple
I’m praying
to porcelain gods later
because after Tweak’s round
Bronson does me a favor
he hits me with a double
and after that
Gigs sends me
my next Jack
now I know I’m in trouble
because there’s an old lady
taking a shit
in the bathroom
and my leg is twitching
and switching to water
won’t help
because I’m not about to puke,
I’m about to join the new guy
in being Miles Davis-cool…

Part Three:

It’ll be high school
all over again
when Brad and Matty find out
and laugh their asses off
not with me
and I’ll be in a pissy mood
because it’s karma,
I laughed when the new guy
pissed his pants
and here I go
a mile high
and two-stepping
down the aisle
doing the pee-pee pants dance
about to become
Miles Davis-cool…

Them: an ode to Haiti

bobbing up and
lost and
can’t seem to find
or rhyme
about to die
why are they
three cheers for progress
progressive politicians
leave them
wishing on
stars leading north
underground railroad
set sail
in broken boats
break my heart
Haiti’s broke
can’t fix it
don’t know why
find out,
rivers of salty tears
wash away
socialized fear
year in
and year out
in search
of a new route
shit out of luck
Haiti’s long been fucked
act like
we don’t know
alligator tears
we cry
dry up
shortly after the storm
has passed
set sail
without fail
limb and life
throw them in jail
if they make it
can’t take it
can’t handle
the truth
and the show must
go on
during hurricane season
and they make
a convenient reason
to spread hate
on the campaign trail
without fail.

Strike three is
they’re black
send them back
call it “Repatriation”
Port-au-Prince is pretty
so it’s basically vacation
don’t feel bad,
so sorry the Gulf
swallowed your mom
and dad…

Strike two is
that they know what the
truth is,
the reason why
these tears they cry
are for ancestors
as much as parents…

Strike one is,
if it’s not yet apparent
the skeletal remains
clogged the drain
can’t flush these memories
from long before
burials at sea
can’t forget
no regrets
place your bets
with the universe
set sail for freedom
if you don’t die first
and then,
even if you make it
wake up
on the bottom rung
of society
staring back out
at sea
forever longing
for family
left behind
or swallowed alive
in that massive gulf

Still and all, why bother? Here's my answer. Many people need desperately to receive this message: I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone. -Kurt Vonnegut


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