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After The Fruit Is Gone

The green banana leaves lose their freshness and are outpaced by the younger leaves healthier leaves, greener leaves stronger leaves that block out the sun and the aging leaves below wind-battered, fade to yellow and wither to brown as the … Continue reading

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In The Manger

If Jesus had died in the manger and the wise men just walked away with their myrrh and their frankincense and their gold would continents still have been conquered would ancestors still have been sold would lies still have been … Continue reading

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Second Hand

There’s second hand smoke and second hand clothes you’re second hand broke and watch second hand shows but the DVD skips so your priorities flip and it’s a trip when you get that contact high on second hand happiness and … Continue reading

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The lunatics aren’t running the asylum they’re running the entire country hell bent on destroying the world and I don’t mean just this current guy if you think that the madness just recently started you’re either naive or high because … Continue reading

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People Jumping

The people jumping to their deaths out of the windows of buildings engulfed in flames and the people jumping to their deaths out of the windows of buildings not engulfed in flames have something in common.

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Only Words

Are they only words just letters pieced together tell me, what’s stronger what’s more powerful than words than these sounds we make to justify taking lives if I create God, tell me, of what use is it without words that … Continue reading

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how did we forget we only get one planet, theres only one earth we need to stop pretending we can calculate its worth

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