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Babylon the Great

Written Memorial Day 2012 Wonderland smoke dims suicide fireflies under a Cheshire moon mocking guerrilla teenagers and confused tongues cry over dirty water dialogue as crude hands sift gold from Babel sand cutting orphan blood lines like teenage wrists with … Continue reading

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Body and Soul

April 22, 2013 Cripple. Gimp. Handicap. Disabled Cripple. Crippled. Crippling emotions on my chest break my back bury my heart sell my soul for a bottle of whiskey Cripple Creek up on Cripple Creek gone fishing one more time cripple … Continue reading

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Babylon the Great

Babylon the Great.

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Rockwellian Saturday Evenings

Rockwellian Saturday Evenings.

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Crushed American Spirit

November 11, 2008 Sitting on main street booze on my breath my stomach growling you walk right by. I don’t blame you I’m a mess a shell of my former self. The uniform and pride long gone the tattoos fading … Continue reading

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letter to an angel

June 2009 When I look into her angelic eyes,                                                                                                      I see you.                                                                                                                              Everyone says she looks just like you                                                                                             that she has your eyes…                                                                                                                   but it hurts.                                                                                                                                          I see you every morning                                                                                                          … Continue reading

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Halloween 2010 We tell our children not to take candy from strangers… except for today, we encourage it.

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