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Trapped here in London or is it the city by the bay day after day after day after day pea soup drowning socked-in frowning downing handfulls of hope you wake up still here still live in fear still drinking cheap … Continue reading

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We’ll Call ‘Em French Fries Again

23 July 2015 Cartoon drawings of profits splattered with blood draining from the wrists of artists pushing the limits tempting the reality of a world we’ve created since the crusades fought now by Muslim police officers dying in the streets … Continue reading

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The Herd

The herd is being led over here and over there watch out, they scare easily they see wolves all around crying for the shepherd who will never let them down but as the wolves starve the shepherd and his family … Continue reading

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The Chorus

Sticks and stones leave bombed out homes the chorus always sings but they keep paying their taxes shocked at what the future brings.

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Stones and Sticks

We’re sticking knives into the heart poking and prodding and twisting rusty old knives one by one and sometimes many all at once only they’re not knives but stones and sticks because we’re primitive with insatiable thirst and the blood … Continue reading

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God and Caesar

Both God and Caesar have more than enough resources so, as for me I’ll render unto my fellow peasants the pennies the tax collector has come calling for. I’ll let the Romans crucify me before I ever pay for war.   … Continue reading

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Walking Man

The sidewalk loosely guides us as we drone along on autopilot gliding between building and street building and street building and street until the sound of honking horns overpowers our headphones and we see red hands prompting us to stop … Continue reading

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