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The Queen Never Lost Her Crown

Monk Seals already have to sunbathe on plastic-covered beaches now and they might be displaced from their home in Molokai’s shore waters by another species of seal the deadliest the world has known far beyond merely invasive but sadly, it’s … Continue reading

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Ocean In a Shell

Sand blasted and watching the waves break I’m listening to the pulse of the earth and tasting the salt on the air for the moment, without a care aware that if this isn’t heaven it doesn’t exist… … but watching … Continue reading

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Without Ever Thinking Twice

After the rain stopped I sat there on that lava rock with the warm trade winds drying my wet clothes and the ocean making music waves crashing on the rocks around me the push and pull, that timeless dance taking … Continue reading

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We are the kid from that story tossing stranded starfish back into the ocean making a difference, one at a time.   We are that kid as an adult ignoring endless miles of beached whales and sea turtles trapped in … Continue reading

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Like The Dude

The world is rattling my brain and shaking my mind I try to ease the pain I can’t most of the time but today is the day that I’m going to fly back to the islands leave my problems behind … Continue reading

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I know a place where a goddess sings an ageless tune of love, of life, of humanity I escape my insanity as I look up at the stars and drink in the moon and all its celestial beauty I’m staring … Continue reading

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fill your glasses

October 2007 If tomorrow never comes fill your glasses up with rum then please raise a toast to me and throw my ashes out to sea so I can ride out with the tide and see you on the other … Continue reading

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God save the queen

An explosion cracks the hourglass, time drains from Babylon. crude oil mixed with blood spills into the Gulf. BP has gone green but Poseidon hasn’t noticed.

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Love Poem #6

April 2013 If we were dolphins, I’d love you, I’d swim to you, With you, Synchronized We’d laugh and play And splash around all night long beneath the crescent moon and the southern cross you’d show me how to love … Continue reading

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