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Then I Look Up

I nearly forget the stars sometimes, so caught up with living this life but then I look up and see they’re always right here with me keeping me on course as I navigate the earth and there’s birth and death … Continue reading

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“Meet The Man Bringing Wall Street To Hawaii”

Flying home from the Mauna, from my aisle seat in 7B I could see a man across the aisle a few rows in front of me reading a newspaper fully opened, half in the aisle just in front of his … Continue reading

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She’s Absolutely Stunning

We’re walking in the clouds floating, really suspended in air it’s cold but so refreshing here and then the clouds part and we look up there quenching this thirst this desire to see her she’s absolutely stunning standing high above … Continue reading

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I wish I saw the Wallflowers at the Hartford Meadows on the twelfth of September eighteen years ago. I used to love The Wallflowers and my mom bought tickets for my 17th birthday and I waited all summer long and … Continue reading

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We Forgot

We said we’d never but we forgot. We forgot. So the wars drag on.  

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September 3, 2002

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