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Daily Memories

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so, it’s Memorial Day sales again and I remember when Cub Scout packs would take up the back of the parade and families would struggle to find shade along Main Street in late May with temperatures…

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Dog Named Melon

  final folly not so jolly, bird named Polly watching Mike and Molly and Melon the Collie was hit by a trolley so, melancholy Ivy and Holly drunk in Bali watching Wall-E Hello, Dolly hot tamale deadly volley who you … Continue reading

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It’s the soul of America its theĀ sold to America it’s fools gold in America glittering soldiers sold stories red, white, and blue broken glory same old story sell your soul for American dreams chase Dragons and scream from Blue Ridge … Continue reading

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South of Richmond

Every other billboard literally every other billboard along a one mile stretch of I-95 just south of Richmond, Virginia is for the Army National Guard The othersĀ are for God, Jesus, and the Navy Federal Credit Union. This is God’s country … Continue reading

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The Sky Is Falling

The sky is falling while we watch and wonder who will save us… more money on our car insurance      

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Get HI

I can’t wait to get HI again I miss my farm, my family my friends I can’t wait for my toes to touch that sand I can’t wait for that salt water to wash away all of this bullshit accumulated … Continue reading

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Road Trip

Billboard after billboard too many to count mile after mile road after road state after state buy this car buy this whiskey buy this beer call this lawyer when you get pulled over for driving this car after drinking this … Continue reading

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