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There’s been this constant commentary echoing shitty memories doubling down on self-addressed hate speech it’s so goddamn tempting to reach for the off switch oh, how I wish I could ditch yesterday if I were a religious man I would … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry About The Planet

We give ourselves too much credit believing that we destroyed the planet and we give ourselves too much credit believing that we are going to save it.   The planet doesn’t need us to save it the planet is fine we might … Continue reading

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Black Friday

Black Friday is the most American of all holidays, the day we honor the God in whom we trust more then life itself

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We’re High

We’re high on folklore and fairy tales. We’ve mastered feigning naivety  

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Turkey Day

People still cling to their traditions in spite of what really happened.

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As The Tryptophan Sedates

Turkey is bitter that’s why there’s cranberry sauce heaps and heaps of it to sweeten the taste and make history palatable   so we’ll be happy as the tryptophan sedates the whole family and we cheer as a pop star … Continue reading

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Originally posted on soitgoes1984:
So blindly we all lionize this holiday but we’re forgetting that no amount of turkey can erase all those we’ve killed ? COLLEEN’S WEEKLY #TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 111, “CELEBRATE & NUMBER,” #SYNONYMSONLY

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