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RIP Thomas M. Menino, former mayor of Boston

He was a politician. I won’t say that he was any better or any worse than any other politician, but the fact is that he was a politician. Let’s not make any human being into something they’re not after they … Continue reading

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Music is the revolution. (Can you skip one cup of coffee?)

I’m taking part once again in the amazing annual Halloween 5k/benefit, this coming weekend in Northampton. If you can drink one less cup of coffee tomorrow, i ask that you consider donating the cost of that cup to Calling All … Continue reading

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Silence the Drums

(With a few lines from the patriotic WW1 song “Over There” written by George M. Cohan in April 1917. Americans believed at that time that the war would be short and the song reflected that expectation) Johnny’s out of luck … Continue reading

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After Harvest

Originally posted on soitgoes1984:
With the leaves getting all artsy again before they die and get raked and rot and return to the earth I cry for springtime for winter and for last fall when in that cool, crisp air…

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The simple life of cats

Originally posted on soitgoes1984:
November 2008 The cat is in the backyard he’s climbing up a tree oh what a simple life for the cat that it must be. The dog is in the front yard he’s chewing on a…

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Smashing Pumpkins: Drunken Keene State College students riot during Pumpkin Festival.

Sure, it was mostly white folks, but we all know the black guy must have started it…or it’s because the white kids are listening to hip hop, that must be it. Or maybe they’re just over privileged, drunken idiots. I … Continue reading

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After… (an ode to right now)

when will you call me? after. when can I see you? after. when are you coming home? after… and after a while, after turned into forever and every after was a selfish mistake void of love and laughter after a … Continue reading

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