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Skipping Stones

I last time I had skipped a stone across the water I was seventeen it was the waning weeks before my senior year of high school on a hot summer evening after a hard days work on the farm still … Continue reading

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Starry Night Over Ho’olehua

Just when the world gets too heavy pound after pound after pound piling up until its too much I step out into the meadow and look up and every star twinkles, billions upon billions upon billions beyond what we can … Continue reading

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one by one by one all the lights go out until you’re sitting there in darkness with a jar full of dead fireflies

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Real Eyes

My eyes are burning as I’m falling through space galaxies become stars I fall further from grace   and the race has no ending, I begin to realize that these signals they’re sending are just coded lies   and these … Continue reading

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Rainbows And Butterflies

She brought me rainbows and butterflies to dry all those tears I was drowning in   we got puppy dogs and ice cream she warmed my heart like a sunbeam and when we played scrabble she let me win   … Continue reading

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nature’s symphony

as the crow flies the crickets chirp a familiar tune that is generations old the babble of a nearby brook and the sporadic bark of dogs add to the symphony the creatures, I can’t identify individually by sound but the … Continue reading

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Génération Perdue

We are a generation lost amidst the rubble of the                            world we                               … Continue reading

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San Francisco Seagulls

Ninth inning AT&T Park, after dark but the lights are still lit I certainly hope they don’t shit on me these seagulls patiently waiting for one two three strikes, last out so they can dive bomb the bleachers looking for … Continue reading

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The women sat there aging like their cheap wine wearing decorations from imperial wars of old as their children, conceived on mid-tour leave years ago leave home for the first time to go learn the lingo of soldiers as they … Continue reading

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A Prayer to Saint Jim (3/20/14)

Kurt Cobain has been dead for twenty years now and the roosters crow and the dogs bark and time stops for no one. It feels like yesterday I was seventeen paying for gas with a jar full of pennies, getting … Continue reading

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