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Pulling the plug

I’m pulling the plug for a while but have no fear, shed no tears my words will go down on paper until I return, and I will type them or use the paper to start a fire and burn my … Continue reading

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Where the hell does the time go  I can’t believe I’ll be thirty-five I can’t believe that I’m still alive  though there’s still some days  I don’t want to be hearing people still shouting  FREEDOM ISN’T FREE while we’re drowning  … Continue reading

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A few bad apples

The people who say, “There’s just a few bad apples” refuse to look at  the roots of the trees, refuse  to believe the soil tests refuse to believe  that those apples aren’t rotten, refuse to believe  that all the apples  … Continue reading

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“Soil” The roots run so deep  and it’s poison all the way down. Cutting down the  trees won’t help if we replant  in the same toxic soil. The soil must heal but we won’t even deal  with the fruit, so … Continue reading

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Squealing For More

If you curse the name Donald Trump but have never heard the names William Kristol or Robert Kagan I suggest you begin to read what was written by these men and signed by the who’s who of DC’s neoconservative crew, … Continue reading

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Manifesting (some restrictions may apply)

We create our own reality, some people say but what about the reality of those people who have to lay their children into graves because the reality created for them by American taxes. You can’t manifest your way to safety … Continue reading

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A Happy Haiku

A happy haiku I want to write, but I can’t. People are awful

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