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Tea? Don’t mind if I do… as long as there is some good local honey and as long as it’s green or Māmaki and as long as you stay here to drink it with me and keep me company for … Continue reading

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The End

I followed the rainbow to the end and found a ninety-four year old Irish grandmother living from social security check to social security check no pot of gold in sight. She told me about her late husband and how they … Continue reading

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Get it out these thoughts poison, this pen the antidote… induce vomit cleanse me of these toxic memories which are destroying my peace of mind, let me be present here now so, I scribble down these notes stopping to chicken … Continue reading

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That Skyline…

  That skyline that beautiful skyline with me in my dreams as I sleep on this island where the tallest building is the church… I don’t miss the pollution, the crowded buses and subway cars, the potholes and the masses … Continue reading

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Still Raining

Still, it’s been weeks now and still it rains, everyday. At least it’s not snowing, and we do need the rain but Jesus H. Christ… we also need to have at least a little bit of sun for a rainbow. … Continue reading

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A letter I can’t bring myself to send…

One year. Three hundred and sixty-five days. Fifty-two weeks. Twelve months. Four seasons, and one apple harvest ago… you left this island with a one-way ticket home. One year, and I don’t miss you any less than I did the … Continue reading

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I love you a lot I hope I get to tell you again someday. I miss you… and I think of you often, do you ever think of me? Alone on an island, alone in my crowded mind but with … Continue reading

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