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Christmas 2007

God died on Christmas Eve 2007 as uniformed women and men sang the traditional Christmas hymns and as we ate and drank the body and the blood of Jesus H. Christ, Thats around when God died. The wine was just … Continue reading

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Patriotic Country Song

Nine-eleven nine-eleven Budweiser and apple pie nine-eleven nine-eleven I think about it and start to cry nine-eleven nine-eleven left old glory tattered and torn nine-eleven nine-eleven just four years after kids were born, kids who fight and die for freedom … Continue reading

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P is for PEACE

P is for the peace that eludes you A is for the army that occupies you L is for your stolen land E is for the equality you long for S is for solidarity, we stand with you T is … Continue reading

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Cheap Box Wine And Mount Caramulo Moonshine

fire up the grill timid, still-green cord wood from fallen late-winter pine aided by its own cones, dry from months of sun baking wander behind the shed find kindling, scrap barn boards from years gone by, dry enough to burn … Continue reading

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nature’s symphony

as the crow flies the crickets chirp a familiar tune that is generations old the babble of a nearby brook and the sporadic bark of dogs add to the symphony the creatures, I can’t identify individually by sound but the … Continue reading

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