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War on

war on terror war on drugs war on poverty we need a war on hugs because war creates more terror and drugs and millions of poor and we need more love and we need less war and we’ve seen it … Continue reading

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live life for the experience forget where the camera is too many people want to see whatever it was that they just did but they miss too many moments too caught up in technology the more we use our i-phones … Continue reading

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My soul aches because it is not mine alone but broken bones heal and sticks and stones can’t steal humanity from me I can still see it in your eyes              

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Sea to shining see

Crocodile tears for those you hate its three cheers for progress but more locks on more gates the hour is late too tired from running around and around and around lost the race we’re drowning in those tears it was … Continue reading

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Falling through hell branches breaking burning wells boiling bodies souls to sell baking in the heat laying in defeat half dead in the street forever on repeat begin to go insane drink up this acid rain to wash away the … Continue reading

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Barely¬†alive dive in can’t win bee hive buzzing getting too loud flying through these clouds of chemicals blinding me drive away noise is all I hear violence all I see what’s that you say as you pray to your TV … Continue reading

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quicksand running through time out of line can’t seem to find reason or rhyme seasons behind adding up 32 summers wait and see here comes 33 Pacific breeze shaking leaves off these fruit trees and in the ocean I still … Continue reading

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