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These Colors

These colors don’t run the world said my friend Zoe when she was just a girl with flowers in her hair staring at the sign a man was holding at Copely Square as events were unfolding and we were heading … Continue reading

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Red, White & Blues

Originally posted on soitgoes1984:
Kids play cowboys and Indians grow into men and women play Muslims and Christians hooked on Red Man chewing tobacco and American Spirit cigarettes and t-shirt tans fade to skin cancer for white farmers fresh out…

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Racket: Ode to Smedley Butler

Melt these medals down make a chalice drown sorrows wasting borrowed time throw in towels finish lines salt and lime bury hatchets end this racket can’t handle shit on shingles ready to swing low band of angels went home so no one … Continue reading

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Daily Memories

so, it’s Memorial Day sales again and I remember when Cub Scout packs would take up the back of the parade and families would struggle to find shade along Main Street in late May with temperatures rising we shuffled our … Continue reading

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May 22, 2006

Ten years have flown by since the American Dream died when he breathed his last breath on that goddamned hospital bed and all I could do was scream and shout from my lungs top the illusion was over… Source: May … Continue reading

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they’re making me worry dropping bombs like Steph Curry draining three’s creating more refugees left and right left out of mind and sight and I’m hiding in my tree stand and salute no more and I won’t shoot I won’t … Continue reading

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Thank You

thank you for your service now prepare for hero worship and ten precent off at Home Depot and Lowes and a free meal every November 11th at Applebee’s and a long line ending in pills piled high mountains of pills until … Continue reading

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