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How Many Teardrops

How many teardrops does it take to make your cup of morning coffee? and how many teardrops does it take to fill your gas tank and how many teardrops did it take to fill your bank account and can you … Continue reading

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They say ‘a watched pot never boils’ but I’ve done this quite a bit and the pot I watch always boils unless of course the flame burns out but otherwise it boils watched or not and there is something meditative … Continue reading

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the rain washes away my thoughts and it wipes away my pain staring out this window I’m so thankful this storm came   the drought has ended now and the gardens drink it up but I get anxious to get … Continue reading

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coffee, chocolate & ice cream

coffee, chocolate & ice cream replaced cocaine, liquor and nicotine I won’t pass that way again I don’t need those kinds of friends   now I’ve got 3 dogs that I walk each day they’re my goddesses, it’s how I … Continue reading

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Christmas 2007

God died on Christmas Eve 2007 as uniformed women and men sang the traditional Christmas hymns and as we ate and drank the body and the blood of Jesus H. Christ, Thats around when God died. The wine was just … Continue reading

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Music is the revolution. (Can you skip one cup of coffee?)

I’m taking part once again in the amazing annual Halloween 5k/benefit, this coming weekend in Northampton. If you can drink one less cup of coffee tomorrow, i ask that you consider donating the cost of that cup to Calling All … Continue reading

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Rainy Day

By the time that I finally climbed out of my polluted mind it was October. and I crawled out of my cave pulled one foot back out of the grave and pulled on a pair of pants found a shirt … Continue reading

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Still Raining

Still, it’s been weeks now and still it rains, everyday. At least it’s not snowing, and we do need the rain but Jesus H. Christ… we also need to have at least a little bit of sun for a rainbow. … Continue reading

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Study Session In June

written June 16, 2009 helplessly drinking coffee hoping this exam will take itself hanging on to a dream I wish I had as a youth a dream of scholarly Saturday’s spent sipping iced sencha outside the library as summer girls … Continue reading

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