Hawaiian Lazarus

On the third day he woke up 

after fully dying three times

this beautiful Kanaka Maoli man 

still suffering for Cook’s crimes

so full of aloha 

but so filled with self hate

may his coping mechanisms change 

and happiness becomes his fate

after this massive heart attack 

made him Lazarus three times

let him get his spirit back 

and help his people heal from Cook’s crimes

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Embrace The Day

It’s not the sun’s fault

that sometimes

even on the brightest days

you remember the nighttime

and you miss the moon

and no matter how much you love

the beautiful, bright sun

you will always love

the beautiful, bright moon

and always remember

how it helped guide you

when otherwise you couldn’t see

but it’s time now to embrace the day

and let the nighttime be

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Brightest Stars

He stared into the sky

and the time went on

and then he could no longer see

so he was filled with sadness

but then he remembered the sky

and he remembered the star

that shot across the universe

once upon a time

and then he remembered

that still today

the star blazes

and he knew that the star was fine

whether he could  see it or not

and he remembered the day

that the star first shot into view

but continued on because

that’s what the brightest stars do



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Guns Blazing

Every star was out last night

when I looked at the sky

and then one came,

guns blazing

and of course it caught my eye

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Pies That Are To Die For

Turkey and gravy

cranberry sauce and stuffing

pumpkin and pecan

pies that are to die for

the only thing that’s missing


is a conscience

is empathy

is the ability to see

the truth about what America

is really thankful for;

genocide and slavery

coups and war


but the football games on

and the beers are iced cold

so we’ll sit here believing

the lies we’ve been told

bowing our heads

and thanking our god

but how can we not

see through the facade


we can be thankful

any other day

but today we should mourn

and today we should pay

our respects to the millions

of people we’ve killed

and the ones we keep killing

just look at the bill

that Uncle Sam gives you

and you pay every year

but never mind all that

just finish your beer.

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Iced Lattes And Weed Stores

Today’s status quo

would have been unthinkable 

just a couple decades ago 

but things become so normal 

after a generation 

like iced lattes 

and weed stores

high speed internet


and drones 

remote controlling 

far more wars 

than you can count 

and a mountain of bodies 

we pretend we can’t see 

and MRAPs cruising Main Street 

while we keep telling ourselves 

this is the land of the free.

Amadou Diallo and Columbine 

seem like a century ago 

but violence is still our pastime 

and death is still the status quo

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Headline Haiku

“US Troops Not Sure

Who They Are Supposed to Shoot

At in Syria”



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