Manifesto, A Poem

Some people believe so strongly

in the ideologies they were either raised with,

or found in some other way

but they believe so strongly

that they’re willing to lay down their life

for their ideology

even if they can start to see it’s flaws,

they believe so much in the cause

that they’re willing to die,

that they’re willing to kill

that they’re willing to spill

as much blood as needed

for the cause

they never pause to think.


Trauma and oppression

can lead some people to an ideology

that they’re willing to kill for

but pledging allegiance every day

is another way

to groom someone

to die in a war

for something they know

little to nothing about

believing so much

in what they’ve been taught,

in what they’ve been told,

their mind was molded

to lay down their life for their cause,

to kill the people they’ve been trained to see

as their enemy

because they believe so much

that it will keep their loved ones free.

This ideology is their religion

and violence is their prayer

they don’t dare question

any aspect of it,

that shit’s above their pay grade

they made up their mind

when they signed up

as a soldier in the fight

but what if their ideology

is white supremacy

and they were born into a family

that raised them to see

people of color as the enemy

and they hear their commander-in-chief

barking orders about closing borders

about making America great again

and they listen to their God

and they say ‘amen’

and they know that great means white

so they’re ready to lace up their boots

grab their rifle and fight

for everything they’ve been taught to hold dear,

a racist, hateful ideology

overflowing with fear.

Some of these brainwashed,

ignorant, hate-filled men

grabbed a pen and scribbled their manifesto

before going off to take innocent life.

Then the president and his wife

appeared on the TV

and told America that they can see the problem:

Mental health.


It wasn’t mental health issues

that led me into the US military at 18

it was the naive beliefs

of an ignorant teenage boy

who was raised with an American flag

flying in the yard,

raised with toy guns

and real ones

raised idolizing the old vets

marching along Main Street

in the parade

I had made up my mind early on

that I would wear

the American flag on my shoulder

when I got older,

the flag I pledged allegiance to

since I was far too young to know

what pledging allegiance meant.

It was not mental health issues,

it was an unwavering belief in an ideology

that sent me to war

and if we blame mental health issues

rather than an ideology of white supremacy

there will be countless more terrorist attacks

in which people target those

they truly believe are their enemy.


Sure, the problem is white supremacy.

Sure, the problem is more guns than people.

The problem is also an ignorant society that glorifies violence,

and an apathetic country that has been stuck in silence for decades

as the blood of innocent people of color

has been shed overseas

and from sea to shining sea

in the name of an ideology

that pretty fucking closely resembles white supremacy.

An ideology I grew up naively believing in.

An ideology I was willing to die for.

An ideology I was willing to kill for.


Did a whole bunch of Germans in the 1930’s

have mental health issues?

No. They believed in an ideology.

Oh, some of them didn’t believe in it

but those ones still paid for the Zyklon B.


No ideology

yesterday, today,

or tomorrow

is worth killing for.

The truth is the only thing

worth dying for

and remember

that your dollar bills kill

once in the hands of Uncle Sam.


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The mind moves forward 

from splitting wood for fire

to splitting atoms

but the soul remains stagnant 

and Adam destroys Eden

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An Iwa Bird

Laying in the garden 

with my dog by my side 

I hide the sun

behind a kukui tree

as I look up at the sky 

and see, cutting 

through the clouds 

soaring high above 

my dog and me,

an ‘iwa bird.

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Billions, Trillions, Millions, One

Remember there are billions 

of people.

Remember there are trillions 

of dollars 

taken from people to kill millions 

of other people. 

Remember there are billions 

of galaxies.

Remember we are one 


Remember there are countless 

other planets 

floating around in those billions 

of galaxies 

but earth alone

is the home we share

like blood cells in a vein.

How are you so numb 

that you can’t feel

all of the pain?

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In The Footsteps Of Uncle Sam

Why would a white supremacist

not use violence,

why would they not 

slaughter innocent people 

in order to try forcing 

their hate-filled, bigoted views,

their twisted, self centered 


that places them at the top 

and all others at the bottom,

either in servitude, 

behind bars, or dead, 

why would they not follow 

in the footsteps

of Uncle Sam

doing exactly 

as he has done, 

using a gun 

to remain supreme, 

killing anyone

who has a dream 

of cutting the strings

and letting the old world go,

why would they not try 

to make blood flow 

to force their will on the world

when they’ve pledged allegiance 

to a system 

that does exactly that

and has gotten fat

by killing millions.

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Chickens: Ode To Malcolm

“Chickens: Ode To Malcolm”

We look outside now 

and it’s nothing but chickens 

roosting everywhere. 

For so long, we didn’t care 

where on earth these chickens were 

but since we feed them 

can we expect more than this?

Chickens returning 

to roost on the farm 

anywhere they please. 

We act shocked when we find eggs, 

but we keep on feeding them,

of course they’ll come home to roost,

of course there’ll be eggs.

When you feed chickens 

don’t act so surprised 

when they do what chickens do,

when they come back home to roost,

of course they came home.

Did they ever really leave?

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How is history

going to remember you

and me and this whole

generation? We funded

Bush as he started these wars,

Obama as he

flew drones and tarnished Nobel’s

prize, and we fund Trump

as he conjures up scenes from

Germany in the 30’s.

Things are bad today

but things have long been bad in

the US of A.

Human beings are dying

but people have been

dying for a long, long time.

Many years from now

if humanity survives

itself, somehow, what

will they think of us? “They knew

better, didn’t they? Why’d they

pay their taxes anyway?

why’d they keep buying the bombs

dropped everywhere overseas,

and the bullets shot by cops

at any black man they please,

and fund rich white men

spewing nothing but hate speech?”

What is it they’ll teach

in history class, will mass

shootings make kids scratch their heads,

will they believe that we paid

the feds as they caged

kids? What will they think about

the terrible things we did?


Don’t only blame the Nazi’s,

they didn’t build the death camps

or buy the Zyklon B, it

was all paid for by

law-abiding citizens,

just like you and me,

people who yelled angry things

as the brown shirts marched on by,

don’t just blame Trump and ICE as

kids in cages die

don’t act like it’s the first time

we’ve seen countess bullets fly,

don’t act like it’s the first time

Uncle Sam’s dehumanized

and inspired young white men

to kill for the USA,

it has long been happening,

why is it that you still pay?


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