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You blink and it’s gone an entire decade, gone gone like a goodbye   so too a hello in a cafe basement, with strong coffee, long gone   caffeine jitters, gone mix tapes and letters, all gone buried somewhere deep … Continue reading

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Wake Up And Smell The Falafel

We better wake up and smell the falafel and go to bed always dreaming of waffles let’s peel some potatoes and make shepherds pie and get ourselves a fresh lamb sandwich on rye lets eat our way through old imperial … Continue reading

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Diamonds and Deities

Our ancestors weren’t trying quite as hard as we are to go extinct in fact our ancestors weren’t trying at all but here we are trying so hard to rip out our lungs, and we’re slitting our wrists for barrels … Continue reading

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March Against The Disease

The President isn’t the disease he’s only a symptom and the disease isn’t new, it’s not worse now than it was a couple of years ago or a couple of decades ago or a couple of centuries ago. The disease … Continue reading

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This is why we fight

Early December years ago cramming for finials, I was braving the cold making my way through the court yard to the library making my way up the stairs, and who do I see being harassed by campus security but one … Continue reading

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Humanity’s Blight

I am the shackles on the legs of history, the whip on the skin the smallpox on the blanket I am original sin.   I am the bullet that pierces the quiet night ignorant, I fly without rhyme or reason … Continue reading

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It’s a Privilege

Our grandfather was a roofer and he spent his whole life busting his ass to provide for his working class children and then his working class grandchildren and then, when he was 68 years old he was repairing a chimney … Continue reading

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