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Life, Death, & Food

Anthony Bourdain used food as a way of introducing America to people around the world, their history and culture. He let food speak for itself, and importantly, let people speak for themselves. Bourdain’s Hawaii episode was the first time many … Continue reading

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Written Memorial Day Weekend, 2009   He was broken from his glory days; the whiskey wasn’t working anymore. There was no way he’d ever change his ways; he drove back over to the liquor store. The devil had been on … Continue reading

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when your glasses break don’t use the broken pieces to slit your wrists you still have your birth control glasses though, as time passes they blur

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Count the reasons until you can no longer count because you no longer want to count because you no longer want or need anything but peace no silver lining, no new lease count the reasons and the seasons will cease … Continue reading

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The wind’s whispers are drown out by screams and shouts broken dreams, no doubt seem the end is near awash with tears and years and years will pass you by what dreams did come abruptly die and cry and sing … Continue reading

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Trapped here in London or is it the city by the bay day after day after day after day pea soup drowning socked-in frowning downing handfulls of hope you wake up still here still live in fear still drinking cheap … Continue reading

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Olive Tree

daylight fading into evening shade tree branches swaying old record played on repeat no street lights here nothing to fear but aching feet and tired eyes havent cried in too long the records skipping mid-song just as I started singing … Continue reading

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Cut My Mic

The cat’s in the cradle and the bullet wound is fatal and this soup needs a ladle get your feet off of the table stop dancing around take this pill and go to town and don’t let them get you … Continue reading

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floating, drifting mindless shifting through gears sifting through years of memories set them free let it be cut down the tree start a fire build a pyre about to expire this is the end goodbye, my friend    

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The Heart Of Babylon

You say we fight for freedom even though you know its a lie our duffel bags are packed and we’re heading to Iraq and theres a good chance that we’re going to die. We took off from Atlanta touched down in Germany after three days in Kuwait … Continue reading

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