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Collateral Death

if you kill me and my family and friends and neighbors I won’t care if you do it with chemical weapons, or if you do it with biological weapons, or if you do it with nuclear weapons, I won’t care … Continue reading

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Talking Trees

“Pleased to meet you” said the tree now fire burns it’s memory and lumber jacks are back for more but trees don’t worry whats in store. A battle-hardened old tree sways, “It’s been like this for all my days so … Continue reading

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from our room through its window we see only darkness which we were taught to fear so, afraid we sit quietly waiting and in our waiting the darkness speaks to us and we are no longer afraid as the darkness … Continue reading

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Millions of people and still we’re alone wandering sidewalks of faces unknown we’re reaching for heaven and scraping the sky but Monday through Friday we’re living a lie   the weekend arrives and we drink to forget a decade since … Continue reading

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But Who…?

I. But who is to blame? The government. But who is to blame? The politicians. But who is to blame? The military. But who is to blame? The police. But who is to blame? Wall Street. But who is to … Continue reading

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the walking man began running and didn’t stop or even slow down   as he neared the edge of the cliff. You would have thought that someone was chasing him.

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The Sun

the sun doesn’t know that it’s beautiful as it sets

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