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I wish I saw the Wallflowers at the Hartford Meadows on the twelfth of September eighteen years ago. I used to love The Wallflowers and my mom bought tickets for my 17th birthday and I waited all summer long and … Continue reading

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Haiku For Mossadegh

Get your hand out of  your piggy bank or we’ll crush  you with your own tank

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Old Piggy Bank

I think about the million human beings who were just trying to survive eighteen years ago and are no longer alive because America had to go shake the queen’s old piggy bank and smash it on the floor and terrorize … Continue reading

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Blind Eyes

Blind eyes of storms  we’ve created  have erased immeasurable  beauty

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We Have No Excuse: An Ode To Dr. King

Years ago, most folks  didn’t know how terrible the government was today, we are well aware but we keep on funding it in spite of all the tapped cellphones and bullets and bombs and drones and all our bread turning … Continue reading

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Good Credit/Bad Credit

if we help clean the beach we deserve credit if we help generate trash that winds up in the ocean we deserve credit   if we drive an electric car we deserve credit if our electricity comes from oil or … Continue reading

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In My Dream: An Ode to Dr. King

(Maybe April 4th isn’t Martin Luther King, Jr. Day but it’s the day that in 1967 he most vocally spoke out against the war in Vietnam and the day that in 1968 he was assassinated. My poem includes the majority of his … Continue reading

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