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a butterfly flutters then dies and theres thunder and I wonder whats under the rock pick it up break the lock lift the chains from the flock sail away from the dock crashing of the stock market fell take the … Continue reading

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pesants toil in the yard the poet argues with the bard sing praises of distinguished men but wasting breath and ink from pen write self-fulfilling prophecy pulled the plug out from the dream youthful sins ingrained in stone years gone … Continue reading

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uncle sam takes away too much bread and he turns it into bullets leaving too many dead   1, 2, 3, 4, I won’t fund this madness I won’t fight another war   I won’t salute a flag and I … Continue reading

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old noteboks fill boxes in a cold New England basement with chicken-scratch poetry from a time of insanity and its aftermath you know, stories about taking the wrong path about drowning and letting go of the precious life raft. Nightmares … Continue reading

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Napalm Castles

fleeing fire for a frying pan I see a dying man laughing at sinners posing as saints   the mirror broke and faint whispers called for fresh paint to hide the truth   spitting lies disguised as proof but a … Continue reading

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Strange Birds

Strange birds were flying one by one they passed overhead. Children looked up in wonder, dying. Was this the heavens sending thunder?

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Thoughts on Veterans Day: Time For Change

It was called Armistice Day. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 marked the end of WWI, and for a while, people remembered. During that war, the majority of casualties were soldiers, today the … Continue reading

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