Mother Earth

There might or might not

be a “God”

there might or might not

be an afterlife

there might or might not

be ‘good’ and ‘evil’

there might or might not

be a reason that we’re here

there might or might not

be a method to all this madness

there might or might not

be an end to all this sadness

there might or might not

be a reason to have hope

in a brighter future

but hope we will, still

day after day

and year after year

we won’t succumb to the fear

that you instill

we won’t give up

as you kill us

one by one

or by the thousand

we will resist

until the last drop

of our blood

flows from our bodies

and we will resist, still

as that blood

nourishes the earth

and life begins anew

as a tree grows

from the ashes of Babylon

life will carry on

because, so it goes…

though no one knows

who or what

might eat it’s fruit

or whether or not

it will even take root

either way,

the blood will nourish it

and whether or not it flourishes

time will tell

and even if it does,

a lumberjack may fell it

and a lumberyard may sell it

but don’t let them pell-mell you

let me tell you a story

always go with your gut,

forget about the glory

might doesn’t make right

doesn’t lead to the light

doesn’t give you insight

no, the strongest don’t fight

but weak minds

find reason to bind

to say you must grind

or you’ll be left behind

but forget about

the scream and shout

forget about the chase

forget about keeping pace

maybe it’s time

to about face

leave the rat race

and look out to space

gaze out at the stars

from time to time

no need for a nickel

or a dime

no need for a looking glass

to see

that we’re all born

and we all die free

and you don’t need a degree

and you certainly don’t need pedigree

if we’re lucky

we’ll all nourish a tree

or we’ll wash out to sea

whether we lived on dirty water

or Cognac and tea

no more baguettes and brie

no more maggots and fleas

if you want a revolution

look to the butterflies and bees

get on your knees and plant trees

though they might or might not grow

and we might or might not know

that the truth was never spoken by a prophet

and the truth was never written in a book

the truth is within those who look

at the world and think

‘what else can I give?’

not those who look at the world and think

‘what else can I take…?’

as they frantically dig deeper and deeper

trying to capture every last bone

and every last drop of blood

until Mother Earth

is among the dead.



About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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