Twerk (Dedicated to Chelsea Manning and the people of Syria)


written August 27, 2013

Cyclops babies gestated in depleted uranium wombs
cry for the men in our kingdom with two blind eyes
glued to scripted reality
where newsmen get achy breaky hard-ons
for a hillbilly’s daughter in modern day blackface
while viewers drool and drink genetically modified beer
after working nine-to-five
and I’m here popping anti-depressants
for the suicide side effects
ready to bow out
after one too many esoteric nightmares
of collateral murder,
just following orders
ten years gone now
let’s drain another Ba’ath
and party in the streets,
feel the heat,
get high on Muslim blood
and nod as the newsman tells us what to think,
here, have another drink!
Buy a new made-in-China flag
And cheer as the bombs begin to fall again
And democracy reigns down
Leaving splintered hospital cribs
Filled with more birth-defected babies
Next to women missing limbs
And I turn off the ‘news’ of a fallen Disney princess
With not a word of a peace-prize president
Adding to a dozen years of innocent bodies.
I finish my beer, walk downstairs, take one last breath…
And become a statistic,
And for the last time
My hands are drenched in blood.

About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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4 Responses to Twerk (Dedicated to Chelsea Manning and the people of Syria)

  1. soitgoes1984 says:

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  2. vsaichek says:

    My dear, your prose poem TWIRK is really very good and I am impressed. I don’t say those words often when reading a lot of what goes for writing around the blogisphere, but you have it in spades. It’s a lovely, evocative and moving piece and I’m very glad to add your WORK to my collection of excellent writers. I’ll return for more . . .

    • soitgoes1984 says:

      Thank you very much! I wrote that just over a year ago when they were beating the war drums for Syria, but my feelings are the same, and with the ‘official’ start of the ‘new’ war, I figured it was appropriate to post it.
      Now, instead of hiding behind a pop singer, the hawks are hiding behind some awful human beings in the NFL. but sadly, they don’t even really need to hide…no one cares who we bomb and what our reasons are and the fact that violence begets violence, and terrorism begets terrorism… I sort of assume than no one reads any of what I post on here, but it’s awesome to hear that some people do. My sister made me this blog to get me to stop posting stuff on facebook, and I’m happy she did. Thanks for the very kind words. 🙂

      • vsaichek says:

        You are so welcome! . . . I only read GOOD work 😉 I agree with you 100% regarding the travesty that is Seria. What a nightmare from every angle. (America) promised them support to oust Asad, then never delivered . . . THEN abandoned them as soon as they were off the front page. I appreciate your words and convictions – glad you’re here.

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