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My soul aches because it is not mine alone but broken bones heal and sticks and stones can’t steal humanity from me I can still see it in your eyes              

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Salty Tears

1/17/2015 I have yet to find a bridge and I’ve struggled to pick a poison I’ve only been able to pull the trigger on one-way tickets to the middle of the Pacific where the suicidal thoughts wash away with each … Continue reading

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It was easy to forget, too easy, in fact though I remembered from time to time, I still forgot and I promised I would never forget, promised I would be back before long, Inshallah, but I forgot and this summer … Continue reading

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First They Came For The Black People: An Ode To Lady Justice

visions of people in my dreams lines and lines of left, right left behind leave all your belongings you won’t need them giant computer screens names and numbers from tattooed bar-codes scanned by young women progress IBM stock rising again … Continue reading

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John Steinbeck Was On To Something…

I am the flower of life I am the entire universe one grain of sand and every star in the sky. a single cell and the sixty fourth tetrahedron There’s infinity outside of me but… infinity within and it’s a … Continue reading

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This World

December 2007 This world is a broken place I’m sure of it  but the rest of my life I shall spend on the mending path                                                                      a lost soul soldier of this human race                                                                                      keeping pace with the … Continue reading

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