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Regret & Karmic Debt

Some nights I want to turn back the clock a decade or more, but I made my bed so I lay awake trying my best to forget wading through oceans of regret and karmic debt and one too many mistakes, … Continue reading

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Angels & Alligators

When I was a kid I used to think that Florida was Heaven not because I had been there or had even seen pictures of it or really knew anything at all about the place but when I was 5, … Continue reading

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old noteboks fill boxes in a cold New England basement with chicken-scratch poetry from a time of insanity and its aftermath you know, stories about taking the wrong path about drowning and letting go of the precious life raft. Nightmares … Continue reading

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Daily Memories

so, it’s Memorial Day sales again and I remember when Cub Scout packs would take up the back of the parade and families would struggle to find shade along Main Street in late May with temperatures rising we shuffled our … Continue reading

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I love you a lot I hope I get to tell you again someday. I miss you… and I think of you often, do you ever think of me? Alone on an island, alone in my crowded mind but with … Continue reading

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Blank Pages

Where does the time go? another year older, another year gone. These winters are colder than I remember and I no longer snowboard and I no longer ski and I sold my snowmobile years ago and I’ve grown to hate … Continue reading

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