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“Welcome To Earth” (for Carina Marie, my niece 8/13/2019)

“Welcome To Earth” (for Carina Marie, my niece 8/13/2019) Never forget that you come from the stars, you are more precious than bars of gold stacked higher than Mars, more precious than an ocean brimming with saffron. Remember, water is … Continue reading

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Photo credit: DRYLANDProductions We call ourselves civilized buying what we’re told we need throwing it ‘away’ with ease look what we’ve become, the sum of our life’s work is garbage we surf man-made waves and our bellies are filled with … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry About The Planet

We give ourselves too much credit believing that we destroyed the planet and we give ourselves too much credit believing that we are going to save it.   The planet doesn’t need us to save it the planet is fine we might … Continue reading

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A sky full of shooting stars

You are life itself you are air, fire, water, the earth, moon, and mars you’re a sky full of shooting stars and you’re my only wish.

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All These Cells

We’re no more than cells. We think we’re so important but the earth will spin long after humans are gone. All that’s left will be plastic   but even plastic will all slowly disappear bottles and straws and all of … Continue reading

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All The World

Sometimes the night sky is the only thing you need to see all the world.

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It’s existential you know, the threat that we face. We enable it.

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