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Haiku #1

Chase dreams not money seek knowledge not a degree and you will be free

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Deafening Silence

Is it still considered poetry if you don’t have a degree and you can’t seeĀ a reason to edit even if you know it could use a fine-tooth comb and what if I say pace here or paz but know it … Continue reading

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Skipping Stones

I last time I had skipped a stone across the water I was seventeen it was the waning weeks before my senior year of high school on a hot summer evening after a hard days work on the farm still … Continue reading

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America, 2005

Broken levees and broken bones a decade gone without house and home there’s no place for the heart get high on the fumes of political art as jam bands learn to play amazing grace sweet old ladies try hemming superman’s … Continue reading

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Smashing Pumpkins: Drunken Keene State College students riot during Pumpkin Festival.

Sure, it was mostly white folks, but we all know the black guy must have started it…or it’s because the white kids are listening to hip hop, that must be it. Or maybe they’re just over privileged, drunken idiots. I … Continue reading

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January 21, 2014 We are a lost generation chasing a GPA chasing a resume chasing six figure nine-to-five’s drinking away reality popping adderall to block out the world to write papers on subjects we’re sick of in major’s we were … Continue reading

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Study Session In June

written June 16, 2009 helplessly drinking coffee hoping this exam will take itself hanging on to a dream I wish I had as a youth a dream of scholarly Saturday’s spent sipping iced sencha outside the library as summer girls … Continue reading

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