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They’re victorious again, and we ate our bread and we filled our cup, punch-drunk for the duration content cheering on the team

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These Colors

Written Memorial Day 2015 These colors don’t run the world said my friend Zoe when she was just a girl with flowers in her hair staring at the sign a man was holding at Copley Square as events were unfolding … Continue reading

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Three o’clock in the morning driving west down the turnpike chasing down the moon, it’s not quite full my mind is overflowing and I want to run on empty… and hours later, for a moment, it drains quick and here … Continue reading

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RIP Thomas M. Menino, former mayor of Boston

He was a politician. I won’t say that he was any better or any worse than any other politician, but the fact is that he was a politician. Let’s not make any human being into something they’re not after they … Continue reading

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Occupy America

written January 3, 2013 I moved into a tent in the heart of the city that often sleeps after midnight, the soulless shadows of the financial district reminding me why I joined the ‘movement’ in the first place… I thought. … Continue reading

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That Skyline…

  That skyline that beautiful skyline with me in my dreams as I sleep on this island where the tallest building is the church… I don’t miss the pollution, the crowded buses and subway cars, the potholes and the masses … Continue reading

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Best slice in town…

April 17, 2006 I had a New York state of mind but i was running way behind heading south on 95 my truck was pinned, in overdrive got to Manhattan by eight and that’s a good two hours late I … Continue reading

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Study Session In June

written June 16, 2009 helplessly drinking coffee hoping this exam will take itself hanging on to a dream I wish I had as a youth a dream of scholarly Saturday’s spent sipping iced sencha outside the library as summer girls … Continue reading

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Love Poem #5

April 2013   It’s so hard not being able to hold you, able to feel your warmth, feel your hugs and kisses. I miss you so much and dream of the day you wait for me at the airport   … Continue reading

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