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The Birds Are Still Flying: Ode To Kaho’olawe

They watched as it bled blood red clouding the ocean and asked themselves how? They forgot that it’s alive dying slowly as God cries   and green turns to brown. Veins are nothing without blood but tears wash away sacredness … Continue reading

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Still The Birds Fly

The flying birds were a prelude to annihilation spreading their wings burying a generation and still they fly and mothers have no tears left to cry and they live that which we ignore and they look to the sky and … Continue reading

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One At A Time

The birds are landing quietly, near the puppies enjoying their food.

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And Sometimes

Sometimes we’re birds and we fly far away but sometimes the cats come we can’t get away and sometimes we’re lions we feed on the lambs but sometimes we’re eaten like ewes and like rams and sometimes the dams break … Continue reading

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The other day, I sat in silence watching the birds play and listening to them sing and each time one would leave it would bring a few more as it returned and I thought it was a bird party until … Continue reading

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Dead Doves

Every day, our cats kill at least a few doves somedays they get a cardinal somedays a myna but usually, it’s all doves. Once in a while, they get a rat or a mouse but for the most part all … Continue reading

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above the rustling of the leaves and the clucking of the chickens and the singing of the birds and the crashing of the waves and the barking of the dogs and the meowing of the cats and the neighing of … Continue reading

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