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My Father Is Like America

He tried, is what I tell myself. He was dealt a shitty hand in life, he had a horrible, deadbeat father and a crazy mother and he had the best of intentions, and he wanted to run away from his … Continue reading

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Break The Silence

My hands are red from blood thats shed my tongue was bitten another is dead   Betrayed with silence for too many years time now to break from all the fear   Slavery ended so too Jim Crow but we … Continue reading

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Smashing Pumpkins: Drunken Keene State College students riot during Pumpkin Festival.

Sure, it was mostly white folks, but we all know the black guy must have started it…or it’s because the white kids are listening to hip hop, that must be it. Or maybe they’re just over privileged, drunken idiots. I … Continue reading

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