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We’ll Call ‘Em French Fries Again

23 July 2015 Cartoon drawings of profits splattered with blood draining from the wrists of artists pushing the limits tempting the reality of a world we’ve created since the crusades fought now by Muslim police officers dying in the streets … Continue reading

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Them: an ode to Haiti

Life-less floating bobbing up and drowning lost and can’t seem to find reason or rhyme about to die why are they here one two three cheers for progress progressive politicians leave them wishing on stars leading north underground railroad derailed … Continue reading

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We’ll call em’ French Fries again

Cartoon drawings of profits splattered with blood draining from the wrists of artists pushing the limits tempting the reality of a world we’ve created since the crusades fought now by Muslim police officers dying in the streets to protect a country that sees no difference sees the same faces … Continue reading

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