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Just Sing: An Ode to Ruffle the Hen

Ruffle the hen was killed today actually, I had to euthanize her one of the dogs attacked her and left her for dead and she had only just recovered from a respiratory infection and she was healthy again and she … Continue reading

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Coming home after a short trip to the farm supply cooperative

The animals are all quiet which usually means they did something terrible dogs terrorizing cats cats terrorizing one another goats terrorizing sheep all hell was breaking loose not ten minutes ago but now? not a peep the chickens sit quietly … Continue reading

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We Are Like Chickens

As the chickens feast they cry not for those they consume

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Elegy For Fluffy

Stop this senseless violence strong against weak rich against poor this dog-eat-chicken world I can’t take any more a lot of good chickens have been eaten for fun but the dogs just keep smiling knowing not what they’ve done tried … Continue reading

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autumn was ours the rest they can take like summertime at the lake and winter, warm near the fireplace and spring… but before all the leaves fell and it all went to hell we had autumn but its fading now … Continue reading

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Fluffy, Puffy & 2-Pec

Fluffy is a chicken a puffy fluffy chicken a puffy fluffy chicken whose eggs are finger-licking… good grief she says as I butter my toast in preparation for those eggs I love the most and don’t think she doesn’t know … Continue reading

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Fat Farm Cat

cross-eyed feline comes around from time to… time to feed him now all he does is eat but he’s a proven hunter slaying mice and rats and eggs from the frying pan if we’re not fast enough to shoo him … Continue reading

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