Squealing For More

If you curse the name

Donald Trump but have never

heard the names William

Kristol or Robert Kagan

I suggest you begin to

read what was written

by these men and signed by the

who’s who of DC’s

neoconservative crew,

Cheney, Jeb, Dan Quayle,

Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld,

Scotter Libby, and over

a dozen other

men who belong in jail for

war crimes, for scripting US

history, making

it rhyme, transitioning from

DC to Lockheed,

you need to read “REBUILDING


instead of cursing

Donald Trump for border walls

and fences, sure he’s

a monster but the devil

hides in plain sight, the devil

is the old white men

who lied us into Iraq

and are lying us

into Iran 18 years

later, still lying about

Afghanistan, we’re

still there, still we don’t care, still

we’re all blissfully

unaware of just how bad

these men are, but still we fuel

their wars and their cars

John Bolton should be behind

bars with all his friends

but we keep giving them bread

that they turn into bombs and

send around the world

doing what they said they’d do

when PNAC started

twenty-two years ago. If

you think Donald Trump dreamed up

the “SPACE FORCE” you should

go do a little research,

this group of white men

penned their vision for a new

military branch back in

the year 2000

in the same document that

lays out all their plans

and spells out , in plain English,

that it will be a long road

to get to where they

want to go, without some sort




they wrote all these words

exactly one year before


ignited the drums of war

and 18 years, countless lives,

trillions of dollars,

and millions of refugees

later, these war pigs

are still all over TV

and in print, squealing for more.

The revolving door

brings them from government ranks

to neocon think-

tanks and into the boardrooms

of Wall Street banks and weapons


and onto FOX, CNN,

even PBS,

so the next generation

will cheer on or ignore this


disgusting, inhumane war

after war, this mess

that we all pay for in more

ways than we can understand


About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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