Only Words

Are they only words

just letters pieced together

tell me, what’s stronger

what’s more powerful than words

than these sounds we make

to justify taking lives

if I create God,

tell me, of what use is it

without words that fit

into an epic story

all about glory

and honor and hope and faith

these sounds that we make

simple sounds they are indeed

they have led people

to forget humanity

and die for the greed

of rich men holding quill pens

scripting fate in ink

their words change fast as we blink

there’s no time to think

so we get drunk with our friends

and forget the pens

that these terrible men hold

we drool over gold

our souls have been sold to them

our minds polluted

but it’s only words, we think

so we ignore them

and we drink, and we drink more

and their words tell us

to support the war and pray

we don’t remember

what Jesus Christ had to say

on the mount that day

looking over Galilee

well, those are just words

they say, you don’t need those words,

“Blessed are the meek

blessed are the peacemakers,

blessed are the poor…

but woe to you who are rich

woe to the well fed…”

you don’t need to use these words

you can pray our way

stash your coins in jars of clay

and let the others

send off their children to war

and let the others

pay for it and remain poor

but these are just words

there’s no need for listening

just say, “Let freedom

ring” from sea to shining sea

thanks for your service

yellow ribbons on a tree

wave a flag with me

weapons of mass destruction

they’re out to get you

and me, so join the army

or join the navy

you can sail away for free

hell, they will pay you

and lay you down in a box

covered in a flag

when you die, your mom will cry

she will be so proud

with that gold star, she’ll stand out

in a crowd, always

feeling free for all her days

not knowing crime pays

if you are the government

we’ve only got words

not enough to pay the rent

but in God we trust

because, if not God then who?

what would Jesus do?

and no, freedom isn’t free

and you can trust me

I’ve got one eye, but I see

words are everything

you are worthless but I

well, I am a king

bring me gold and bring me sweat

don’t ever forget

that you are born into debt

and you can’t get out

by chasing dragons and dreams

things aren’t as they seem

no fooling, jester and king

they are all the same

and this is all just a game

and they wrote the rules

and they take us all for fools

but these are just words

so let’s learn to speak their tongue

and break the ladder

rung by rung by rung by rung

so we’re all equal

here on the ground together

and we can use words

only words, just simple words

with paper and pen

to write down the next chapter

to right all the wrongs

re-write patriotic songs

and take back the crown

melt it down to make a bell

and let freedom ring

justice is the only thing

that we should die for

let kings and queens fight the war

no more rich or poor

just people, fully equal

that’s human nature

if people say otherwise

then the words they speak

are slander against us all.


About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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