Just Sing: An Ode to Ruffle the Hen

Ruffle the hen was killed today

actually, I had to euthanize her

one of the dogs attacked her

and left her for dead

and she had only just recovered

from a respiratory infection

and she was healthy again

and she was getting stronger

and she had so much life

ahead of her

so many eggs yet to be laid

but I just buried her

and paid my respects to a chicken

who had just survived an illness

only to die a week later


and it got me thinking

that some people survive cancer

and get hit by a train

and some people survive war

and get hit by their mind

and some find love

and have it ripped away

and some play roulette

and think they’re king for a day

and some lay their cards down

and lose everything

and some live in fear

and never dare to sing

so just sing, for the love of god


and you will have sung your song

no matter what ills there might have been

or even if death steals you tomorrow

having sung your song

or painted your picture

or danced your dance

when you had the chance

you will die without sorrow


and I know that’s how Ruffle died

because chickens aren’t afraid

of being themselves

the way that people are

and Ruffle never wished upon a star

for worms or bugs or anything

she went out and scratched the earth

and ate her fill

never worried about

what tomorrow might bring.

About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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