Will You Lay Wreath For Them?

Eighty-three years before 2001

was 1918

seventeen years after 2001

is 2018

and it’s now been

100 years since the armistice

100 years since there was peace between nations

100 years since the war to end all wars ended

100 years since the great war ended

100 years since the people rejoiced

and the great war lasted 4 years, 3 months, and two weeks

but America was only involved for 1 year, 7 months, and 6 days

just 585 days

just over 19 months

that Americans were fighting

and dying

in the war to end all wars

but it didn’t

and there have been too many to count

since November 11th 1918

a 19 month long war

is what we called the great war

the war to end all wars

but we’ve currently been in Afghanistan

for more than 10 times as long…

and we’ve currently been in Iraq

for nearly 10 times as long

as we were involved in World War One

and it’s been 205 months in Afghanistan

two-hundred and five months in Afghanistan

(if you don’t count CIA involvement

and Bill Clinton dropping bombs) 

and it’s been 187 months in Iraq

one-hundred and eighty-seven months in Iraq

(if you don’t count CIA involvement & sanctions & the first Gulf war

and Bill Clinton dropping Bombs)

occupying and bombarding the countryside

terrorizing and traumatizing the people

bringing hell to the the mountains

bringing hell to the desert

bringing hell to the villages and the cities

killing far more people than we can count

killing far more people than we can imagine

but imagine for a moment

what it would be like

it the war to end all wars

had indeed…


but there was just too much greed

there was just too much money to be made

there were just too many markets

to be opened up for democracy

so, battle hymns had to be played

over and over and over and over and over

and flag draped boxes still arrive at Dover

and, though its a fraction of the casualties of World War One

it’s still somebody’s daughter,

and somebody’s son

and, though technology has kept the flag draped boxes to a minimum

and there’s no trench warfare

and predator drones do the work of soldiers more and more,

for the ones we call collateral damage,

it’s still good old fashion,







as we kill more and more civilians

every single day

and will you lay a wreath for them

this Armistice Day?










About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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