We Don’t Deserve A Closer Look

No, we don’t deserve

a closer look at the stars

we desecrate earth

we’re bound to desecrate space

with atom bombs orbiting,


interstellar death

racing to colonize the

heavens, we’re helpless

we can’t even figure out

earth, in terms beyond net-worth


all for profits sake

we’ve left cultures in our wake

and push them under,

wondering why kupuna

cry over the things we’ve done


we live by the gun

killing millions and millions

killing planet earth

so corporations can take

more of what was never theirs


they want a mountain

on top of Mauna Kea

and they’ll say that you’re

anti-science if you’re in

defiance of ignorance


aimed at Hawaiians

but who understands the stars

more than Kanaka?

We desecrate the present

so we can look past the smog


but the die was cast

when we watched our neighbors starve

as food was rotting

behind locked market doors. Wars

are all fought for one reason


we’re crazy to think

governments have good intent

and that peace was why

America sent people

to the moon. It’s all about


rich exploiting poor

and sure, there’s more to it than

that, but not a lot.

We’ve poisoned our blue-green dot

now we’ll focus on the stars


maybe they hold the

key to fueling the market

tomorrow, who knows

we need more revenue flow

there are stock holders who want


much better returns

who cares if the heavens burn

who cares that we don’t

ever learn from our mistakes

and we don’t think they’re mistakes


they’re just risks we take

to make way more money, and

who are Hawaiians

to stand between rich people

and a boat load of space cash?


sure, it would be nice

to look back billions of years

but we can’t even

learn from yesterdays mistakes

what makes us think we will learn


anything beyond

warfare? The other planets

are fine without us

Hawaii was fine without

guns, and bibles,  germs, and steel


the earth needs to heal

but we keep dealing death blows

so who knows how long

until Pele blows her top

until mother nature stops


putting up with us

we have no reason to trust

that anything good

will come from this telescope


sure, we can all hope

but our taxes buy the rope

used to hang cultures

out to dry, as mother earth

is sliced like a pineapple


so a few bad men

can add more zeros, can add

more of this sacred

mountain to the legacy

of Cook, so we can find more


places to exploit

for resources, for money

in the name of greed

but I suppose it makes sense,

we have to honor our God


so we’ll prostitute

the soul of those we conquer

and teach them about

Elvis Presley instead of

George Helm. We’ll teach them about


white navigators

like Columbus and like Cook,

we’ll tell them they need

to look at the stars, but we’re

fireflies in jars trying


to enlighten them,

we’re just a street lamp

believing that we

can enlighten the moon, we’re

singing out of tune, while they


are in chorus with

nature, with the stars and sky,

it’s a blatant lie

to say that the only key

to the future is held by


the same people who

have monetized the planet,

who have filled oceans

with plastic, and fill the world

with starvation and warfare.


No, we don’t deserve

a closer look at the stars…




About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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