Let Them Hold The Pen

Let them hold the pen

children won’t lose their parents,

parents their children

and neither will lose their limbs

neither will lose their country


the land where they’re born

is where they’ll die of old age

no more pages torn

from books, let there be chapters

more, chapters beyond the war


let them hold the pen

and write their own destiny

let them find freedom

don’t chain them to red horses

don’t make them trust in our God


let them hold the pen

give them room to breathe free air

and right all our wrongs

let their swords become plowshares

let the garden grow again


let their fertile land

produce life instead of death

let them feed themselves

rather than war profiteers

Eden has long laid fallow


her people hunger

let them relax and eat figs

let them drink their tea

sweet, without the taste of death

and let the bitterness cease


let them hold the pen

and write verses about peace

and love and laughter,

about the rivers flowing

about the flowers growing


and time slowing down

as the shepherds tend their flock

without fear of wolves

or of foxes or wild dogs,

just walking along the road


them and all their sheep

and the music in the air

as they sing freedom

with no fear of anything

no fear of more suffering


let there be no more

mothers and fathers in black

or sons and daughters

orphaned, mourning their parents

orphaned, mourning their country


let them hold the pen

and we will see how fast they

write the death away

write away the suffering,

right the far too many wrongs


that the west has wrought

for more than a century

give them time to mourn

it’s not a piece of pie, this

war-torn country. Let them be


free them from the chains

of the civilized, western

lies that have been told

erasing lives that have been

sold to the highest bidder


let them drink knowledge

again, instead of poison

let them write the truth

let them tell their history

of math and astronomy


and of medicine.

Let there be no more orphans

up for adoption

by the ones who orphaned them

let the people of Iraq


take hold of the pen

now, after too many years

let them write their fate

let them eat figs and drink tea

sweet, in peace long overdue.









About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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