Reasonable Doubt

Here in the land of the free

we incentivize

and wonder why

so many police officers patrol our streets

always ready to meet and greet

an enemy,

leaving behind Baghdad for Baltimore

but they were well trained for ‘war’

and what we see is what we paid for

and we pay for more and more

and more and war keeps coming home

with MRAPs and drones

and gi Janes and Joes

used to aiming at brown faces

in civilian clothes

and cellphone videos don’t matter

department budgets still get fatter

with special ops and swat

and this is not Afghanistan (but even then)

it was just some teenager that ran

a red light

but you’re about to make his a silent night

and they’ll all still salute this brave white knight

who ended the fight before it began,

‘He’s got a gun’ no wait, he’s just a black man…

too late, can’t turn back, man

more like Pacman chasing ghosts

still raising toasts, though

at the VFW

‘Hand over the cellphone, son

I don’t want to trouble you

but after what I’ve been through

lucky I’m alive

been through


fuck you

you don’t know…

I got my preference


I got my badge

I got my gun

and I’m ready to go

ready to show America

what she’s been paying for

ready to show America

that for a soldier

every day is war

and this is just my latest tour

and they’re all brown

and black

and poor

and we are well trained,

we are the cure…’


It’s a deadly exchange

leaving down range for down the block

that kid only had a sandwich,

not a Glock

but we went down the rabbit hole

we assessed the threat

and made mountains

while the mole

was on our face

all the while

and we smile

as our younger brother

teaches us a thing or two

like him now,

we’ve blurred the lines

of green and blue

and it’s shoot to kill now

no matter what it is

these ‘suspects’ do

but what happens

if they start aiming

at you

like they’ve been aiming at too

many people

who we don’t care

to think about

did we just give up thinking

we’re just too far

down this rabbit hole

to dig ourselves out?

and whatever happened to reason-

able doubt?

Must we settle

for this treasonable rout of justice

that is, if we still wish to pretend

that it exists?


About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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