Hurricane Street

This is the storm of the century

it’s time to batten down the hatches

and tie down the tents

close all the windows,

shutters, and vents

make one last trip to town

to stock up on supplies

buy cases of bottled water

and cases of tuna fish

buy cases of SPAM,

cram all you can into the cart

this might well be the start

of the apocalypse

this could be the storm

that sinks all the ships

so let’s buy bushels of corn,

boxes full of cereal,

and bags full of chips

let’s buy salsa, queso,

hummus, and other dips

let’s buy tanks full of gasoline

and cases of oil

let’s buy 50 pound bags of rice

let’s buy big bags of ice

so the milk doesn’t spoil

if the power goes out

let’s buy all the things

that we can’t live without

let’s buy batteries and flashlights

paper towels and paper plates

let’s buy boxes of plastic-ware,

just in case

let’s buy, buy, buy,

buy, buy, buy,

buy, buy, buy…

Bye, bye, bye

this is the storm of the century

and if you don’t buy, buy, buy

then you’re going to die, die, die

during this hundred year storm

during this worst of all possible storms

and since John Q. Public conforms

to the capitalist, consumer way of life

that we’ve all been spoon fed

(with a plastic spoon)

our John Q. Pubic is just sure

that he’ll wind up dead

if he doesn’t go to Costco

or Safeway

or Walmart

to stock up on all the essentials

and hoard…

because, lord know this might be the end

just look at how the wind blows

this storm shows no signs of stopping

and the barometric pressure

is still dropping

and it’s the 11th hour now

but the masses are still shopping

buying gas cans to fill up

for the days and weeks to come

buying matches and lighters

buying mosquito repellent and sunscreen

and the gas station

was quite the scene

cars and trucks jammed up

all the way back to Wall Street

and now the market has run out of SPAM

and other canned meat.


This is the storm of the century

this is the storm to end all storms

this is it

this is the big one

this is that hundred year hurricane

they call it Hurricane Lane

but Hurricane Alley

Hurricane Road

or Hurricane Street

whatever you want to call it

this storm can’t be beat

and only God can save us now


somehow we will live

to see more and more

hundred year storms

because storms like these

are the new norm

and like John Q. Public

we all conform

and we all buy into the lie

that we all need to buy, buy, buy

but no, Chicken Little

the sky isn’t falling

no matter how appalling

things might seem

so why approach these storms

like we do the American dream

and pretend we can buy our way

out of a hurricane

pretend that we can buy sunshine

the same way we buy coal from a mine

and crude oil from the ground

what’s been lost

and we need desperately to find

is the peace of mind

that comes along with being one

with nature

the peace of mind

that comes along with living


so, when the newsman says,

“Storm of the century”

we don’t have to go

on a shopping spree

because we’ve got food in the ground

and water on tap

so we can read a good book

or just take a nap

sure, we’ll close the shutters

and tie up loose ends

but we’ll be just fine

no matter what this storm sends

because we don’t rely

on that bloody gasoline and oil

and we’re solar powered

so the milk won’t spoil

and if the rain won’t stop

and the flood waters rise

and the winds blow down the house,

as soon as the storm passes

and the farm dries

we’ll salvage what we can

and we’ll build it all again

but we won’t be sad

and we won’t cry

unless one of our animals

or one of our neighbors die.

Storm or no storm

you should always try

to live your life in a way

that there’s nothing on earth

that you need to buy.

Rely on yourself

your family

and your community

you are more capable

that you think.

All I needed to survive this storm

was this ink…

About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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