The Things We Remember

Today is the 11th of August 2018

and oddly enough,

the date has stuck with me

since I was 9 years old

in 1993

I was at Fenway Park

for my first Red Sox game

watching Roger Clemens

record his 2,000th career strikeout

against the Yankees

but I have come to see sports

as a distraction, akin

to the bread and circuses of old

and a great primer for tribalism

and stepping-stone to nationalism

and a decade later,

during game 3

of the American League Championship Series

in 2003

I was back home on leave

and a high school buddy had an extra ticket

so, of course I had to go

and it was quite the show…

as 73 year old Yankees bench coach Don Zimmer

charged the mound

but found Pedro Martinez

waiting to toss him to the ground

and a little later in the game,

the action came to the bullpen

right in front of our right field seats

and a Red Sox groundskeeper

wound up going to the hospital

with cleat-shaped bruises on his back

and arms

and we were hooting and hollering

and, that night

the Sox may have won the fight

but the Yankees won the game

and the series

and leaving the game,

as the crowd emptied onto Lansdowne Street

right on the corner in front of Jillian’s

a Yankee fan was hit by a taxi

and laid there,

bloody in the street

while dunk Boston fans gathered around

shouting “Yankees suck…

Yankees suck…

Yankees suck…”

taunting the man

who was just hit by a taxi

because he was wearing

the wrong replica baseball jersey.

The taxi wasn’t going too fast

and the Yankees fan was probably drunk

and he probably wasn’t hurt too bad

but still…

and, while I didn’t chant “Yankees suck”

with the gathered crowd

I also didn’t help the man

because, rules are rules…

and he was a Yankees fan

and most of the crowd

was belligerently drunk

so it wouldn’t have been safe

to be a Yankee-sympathizing punk

and I remember that night

and this night, the 11th of August

twenty-five years ago…


I don’t really know

well, I guess I do know

that was my tribe

I was a Red Sox fan

and, for me

seeing that Red Sox-Yankees game

on August the 11th

when I was 9 years old

was like seeing the Beatles

I idolized those guys

and little 9 year old me cried

when I saw that God damn traitor

Wade Boggs

wearing the uniform of the enemy

playing third base.


About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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