Goats & Noses

One of our goats died the other day

not that we pick favorites,

but Momi was my favorite…

the sweetest little goat that ever was,

the most peaceful, delicate

always happy to see you

never mean…

I went to chop down a tree for the goats

a few mornings ago

and Momi stayed put…

she didn’t come running over to eat

with the rest of the herd

she just stood there panting

labored breathing

not looking good

so I carried her over to the barn

and laid her down

and tried to get her to drink some water

but she was fading, fast

I tried CPR

though I didn’t think it would work

and it didn’t work

and within minutes

she was dead.

So I dug a hole

over 4 feet deep

and buried her

and planted a tree

and placed a large rock in front

and planted flowers

and set up irrigation

and mulched the whole area

and it looked beautiful,

fitting for Momi

and I thought that was that

thought that was the end of the story

but then last night

we smelled something awful

smelled like dead deer

smelled like the dogs

after they roll in dead deer

and come to think of it

Lulu smelled like she rolled in dead deer

an hour earlier

and I had just assumed

that she had gotten off the farm

and found a dead deer

and rolled in it

but I went to look

and Momi was unearthed

and didn’t smell too good

and the tree was toppled over

flowers strewn about everywhere

irrigation ripped out

the side of our house

was speckled with clumps of red dirt

that must have been flying through the air.


Dogs are incredible.

Dogs noses are incredible.

Cadaver dogs can find bodies

that have been buried 6 feet deep

since the American civil war

or even before.


German Shepherds are great

at finding those long dead

but all dogs have it in them

all dogs can find the dead

those dead for a long time

or a goat buried a few days ago.


I knew this, but for some reason

I thought that our dogs

would respect the tree

respect that this is how

we want things to be

but dogs will be dogs

and at least they didn’t destroy the tree.


Last night, after filling the hole back in

I replanted the tree

and this morning

I laid 4 really big rocks on top of the ground

above Momi…

and fenced the whole area in with hog wire

just in case.

About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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