Coming home after a short trip to the farm supply cooperative

The animals are all quiet

which usually means

they did something terrible

dogs terrorizing cats

cats terrorizing one another

goats terrorizing sheep

all hell was breaking loose

not ten minutes ago

but now? not a peep

the chickens sit quietly next to the ducks

waiting on dinner

feathers are ruffled on all sides,

no clear winner amongst the poultry

but Gaza the cat

is up a tree

and Israel the dog

is off her leash

and out of breath.


They hear the gate open

and everything goes back to normal

and they think we’ll never notice

but the barn looks like a disaster

the meadow is strewn with anything

and everything the dogs could find

and Standing Rock the dog is covered in cap poop

and Palestine the dog is covered in mud

and Lulu the dog climbs back over the gate

just as we’re assessing the damages

and she stinks of death-

rolling around in dead deer

is among our dogs favorite pastimes-

and Gaza the cat is too high up the tree

and scared half to death

so I have to get the ladder to retrieve her

but all is well that ends well

all chickens are accounted for

all ducks are accounted for

all cats are accounted for

all dogs are accounted for

all sheep are accounted for

all goats are accounted for

the horse, yeah she’s here too.

Missing in action? Just a few papayas

off the table

the dogs love papaya

nearly as much

as they love dead deer

cat poop


and, for Israel

hunting cats.

And no, when we named her

we didn’t know that she had it out for cats

and for the record, she hunts any and all cats

it was just that today

our beautiful, black and white spotted

domestic short-hair cat Gaza

caught her eye first

after she broke free.

We’re careful, and thankfully

she’s never killed one of our cats

but sadly

she had escaped a couple times

and come home with the remains

of feral neighborhood kittens.

Once, we came home to find a dead kitten

but it looked exactly like our cat Butters

only smaller

and I thought my mind was playing tricks on me

I was scared to death

because butters was the first cat we got,

our baby

less than 2 weeks when we got him

we bottle fed him

and it was too small to be him

but it looked exactly like him

then after we found the real Butters

I was relieved

but then felt terrible

because a beautiful little kitten

was still killed

and I went and held Butters for a while

then went and held Israel for a while too

because I will always love her

and she can’t help herself.

She was trained as a puppy to hunt.

She thinks she’s doing

the right thing.

She doesn’t know Butters

and Gaza

and the other cats

the way that we do.

She doesn’t know how full of love they are

and that they, like her

are part of the family.


About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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