As American As Apple Pie

It’s awful,

it really is beyond words

how America separates children

from their parents

how Uncle Sam herds them like animals

and throws them in cages…

But I’ll let you in on a little secret…

this shit is as American as apple pie

so, rather than cry alligator tears

every four to eight years

divest yourself from the terror

divest yourself from the lie

and stop drooling over that goddamn apple pie

waiting on that pie-in-the-sky

no, don’t just cry

because your tears can’t help these kids

and don’t just pray

because your prayers can’t help these kids

not yesterday,

not today…

so, be a ray of light

on this dark side of the moon

and don’t just think

“it’ll be better once we get rid of this buffoon”

realize that things were bad at the border yesterday

and the day before

and the day before

and think about the children

separated from their families

in one of America’s

or her friend’s

countless wars

we keep them in cages,

we orphan them,

and we kill them young

so, please think about them as well

each and every time the anthem is sung,

please cry for the kids we treat like animals

here and abroad

please cry for the children of Yemen

slaughtered by the House of Saud,

and the children of Palestine

and the children of Afghanistan,


and Iraq

and please cry

for the black youth all around this land

from sea to shining sea

you shouldn’t kneel or stand

or hand the government more money

for more bullets and body bags

you should boycott the game

and burn the flags that they wave in your face

if you only now started caring

you’re a disgrace

you should stand with the oppressed, always

fuck Rome, you should about face

because Uncle Sam can trace his roots

directly to the founding slave owners

and Indian killers

so, when he shoots an unarmed black person

don’t act surprised

he has long killed unarmed black people

and when he abuses a refugee

who is fleeing one of the many countries

that we helped destroy

don’t act surprised

he has long abused refugees of his own making

and when he separates children from their parents

don’t act surprised

remember the boarding schools?

remember, ‘kill the Indian, save the man‘?

do you really think

Uncle Sam’s hatred started

with the Muslim ban?

and when he locks people in cages

don’t act surprised

he has long locked human beings in cages

but those pages were left out of your text book,

the truth is there if you look real hard

see, there were little American flags

on the arms of the guards

at the ‘internment camps’

during the second world war

and if you can look past the lies

you’ll keep finding more

and more

but don’t let your newly-found rage die

the moment a person who looks and acts

far more humane than this current guy

puts on Caesar’s clothes…

because the kids won’t care

who is wearing the crown

since as long as the grass shall grow

Uncle Sam will have it out

for black and brown

from bombs over Baghdad

and Kabul

to bullets on the boulevard

and metal detectors in schools

it’s a never ending war

that YOU are paying for,

this never ending hell

where private prison cells

are more important than education and healthcare…

things didn’t just recently start to be unfair

it’s been like this from the beginning

it’s in our DNA

it’s as American as apple pie

so as for me

I would rather die

than pay Uncle Sam

one more penny

he is only one…

we are many



About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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