Trying to stand with the oppressed

I still find myself standing on top of them

and I can no longer stand to be around anyone

I can no longer stand anyone,

even myself

I stand here utterly disgusted with humanity

of which I am a part

our sisters and brothers are suffocating

and we are the ones standing on their throat

denying them oxygen

they are drowning

and it is our jackboots holding them under.


Brainwashed, we don’t realize this

but a few of us manage to break free

from the computer program,


and wrest back a little control over our minds

and resist

but here we are,

still standing in line

in this program

still programed

killing our conscience for convenience

driving ourselves insane as our soul is eaten

piece by piece,

bit by bit

more and more each day

until it finally disappears out of the exhaust

and when we try to toe the line

between the old world of brainwashed fairy-tales

and reality

we find ourselves still standing

beneath the blood-soaked red, white, and blue

pledging our allegiance with each dollar bill we spend

and no matter where you go

there you are

standing somewhere not far

from a US military base

and the race was over long before we were born

so we cling to an idea that people are just

and it’s just a few bad apples

but the orchard is rotten

the trees were planted atop indigenous communities

and old graveyards.

It’s all rotten, none of the fruit can be saved


and I cry for Syria

and I cry for Iraq

and I cry for Afghanistan

and I cry for Yemen

and I cry for Somalia

and I cry for Uganda

and I cry for Libya

and I cry for Palestine

and I cry for black lives

and I cry for refugees

and I cry for immigrants

and I cry for those we killed

to plant this rotten orchard

and I cry

and I cry

and I cry

but these tears are alligator tears

so long as I trust in their God

and burn those fossils

and remain complicit in the system,

complicit in the slaughter


how can we live

with ourselves

when so many die

because of us?

and even if

we somehow weren’t complicit

what the hell are we doing

to stop the oppression?


How can we stand to live

in a world such as this?

How can we stand to live

around people such as these?

How can we stand

when it would mean so much

to so many

for us to take a knee…

because, if we’re not fighting for the oppressed

the very least we could do

is stop taking part in their oppression.


If we cannot truly stand with them,

let’s not stand on them.

About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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