all life is sacred

but that hasn’t stopped us

from poking and prodding

packaging and selling

cutting and felling

screaming and yelling

at the top of our lungs

that we don’t care

where you’re from

or how beautiful your land

and your culture are

if we don’t kill you

we’ll leave you scarred

and leave you scared

and if you dare fight back

we will surround you

and attack

and shoot your mother

in the back

of the head

and tie her to the bridge

and dye your rivers red

and we’ll give a Ted Talk

about walking the walk

as we line you with chalk

because we are hawks

and our stocks rise

in this war economy

though we look you in the eyes

and tell you we care

but you cannot see

and if you dare fight back

we’ll offer your kids the moon

and send them to Iraq

hook’em on our crack

tell them

that if they work real hard

they’ll get a nice house

and a yard

and a boat

and a car

and they’ll get far

chasing the dream…

and you’ll want to scream!!!

want to tell them

it’s all a lie

tell them

that they’ll pay

their taxes,

vote for masters

-then die-

with a black lung

no, coal isn’t clean

and the fat lady has sung

and it’s over

but junior still wishes

on a four leaf clover

as the war drags on

and on

and on

he might wind up

at Dover,

fell for the con

couldn’t connect the dots

and now his body rots

and you’re taking shots

at the local dive bar

and you’re living in your car

and you’re running out of gas

and you’re falling on your ass;

Get up,

stand up

Standing Rock

rolling rally

tally up the dead

running out of bread

living in a shed

are the children fed?

Go give another Ted



walk away

from this place

fuck this race

can’t keep pace

with a machine

that feeds on Green

and relys on a screen

to feed the children


after lie

and bye


Miss American WiFi

and we’re high on capitalism

and we paid for PRISM

and we build the prisons

and we fill the prisons

and we make decisions

based on greed

and we piss away billions

fighting weed

and we need

water to survive

and water is life

but don’t drink and dive

pff a cliff


the paradigm will shift

and I need a lift

to Fort Yates

and Mother Nature hates

what she sees,

these wounded knees

and dying trees

theres oil on the looking glass

and Uncle Sam again acts crass

and we all foot the bill

swallowing blue pills

ignoring black and blue

Black Hills

and drill, baby


and they’ll bill

our great-grandkids

for all the awful shit we did

and keep doing

keep screwing our planet

and ourselves

and the shelves are full

of history

but we forgot how to read

and forgot that we need

water to live

and we can’t drink money

and we can’t eat honey

once all the bees are dead

and ashes to ashes

and eat this bread

and life this cup

and drink it up…

and enough is enough

and get rid of your stuff

and stop funding Uncle Sam

and this is all a scam.

Get out of line,

and you’ll be fine.

Get out of line,

and you’ll be fine.

Get out of line,

and you’ll be fine.





About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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