Napalm Castles

fleeing fire

for a frying pan

I see a dying man

laughing at sinners

posing as saints


the mirror broke

and faint whispers

called for fresh paint

to hide the truth


spitting lies

disguised as proof

but a leaking roof

will kill the building


and we’re still building

napalm castles

and its a hassle

to notice


that the POTUS

wears ceasars cloak

he takes our bread

and leaves us broke


until we’re dead

and they send smoke

signals to warn the others

that they betray their sisters


and kill their brothers

and our mothers will cry

as they look to the sky

and see


strange birds

shitting all over


robots killing


in the name of


ain’t free

they’ll tie us


to a tree

the game is rigged

they’ll never king me

but they’ll sing me



and tired eyes

won’t realize

that the prize


was always more

than oil

we fund the slaughter

they keep the spoils


and blood boils

in degrees of sadness

the king fell on

the jesters sword


the kingdom overflows

with madness

while the queen, she dances 

in the dark


the dog feels naked

without her bark

theres no more superman

they kidnapped Clark



and I can’t even pay

the rent

all I own


is scratch and dent

you act like you were

heaven sent

but pent up anger


hate and rage

will leave you stuck

on the same page

until you find


an old, wise sage

to show you birds 

don’t need a cage

exit, stage left


about face

they say this isn’t

about race

don’t pace yourself


as bullets fly

strange birdshit falls

out of the sky

half the world


sits, getting high

the other half

about to die

so busy being born;


canaries dropping

one by one,

could it be us

they warn?


we mourn

the mourning dove

clipped wings

don’t ever love


such henious things

war brings life

to an end

lets no longer



that chickens don’t come home

and peasant farmers needed Rome

and ashes to ashes


please break my bones

I need to be deferred

I will not join

the herd







About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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