Real Eyes

My eyes are burning

as I’m falling through space

galaxies become stars

I fall further from grace


and the race has no ending,

I begin to realize

that these signals they’re sending

are just coded lies


and these eyes have seen joy

and these eyes have seen pain

and they’ve seen James Taylor

sing of fire and rain


they’ve seen mountains and plains

they’ve seen valleys and shores

these eyes have seen peace

and these eyes have seen war


these eyes have seen love

and these eyes have seen hate

they’ve seen scripted prophecies

turned into fate.


I know not what’s in store

take one step at a time

I’ll give you an hour

and I’ll spare you dime


it’s a crime how we treat

mother earth and her kids

one day we will pay

for the things that we did


and keep doing

yes, we keep screwing up

keep turning blind eyes

in a world gone corrupt


it’s abrupt, about face

this race has to be won

but we don’t have to live

nor to die by the gun.


The sun’s getting smaller

as I free-fall through space

there’s nowhere to hide

no way out of this place


they may chase you and catch you

they may take your life

they might cut off your tongue

with a dull butterknife


they might kill your wife and kids,

might kill your dog too

and they might kill a Muslim

a Christian, a Jew


but never give up

since it’s all just a ride

there’s not a Goddamn thing waiting

on some other side


there’s no reason to hide

there’s no reason to run

and when you realize this, my friend

believe me, you’ve won.


When the distant sun sets

may you have no regrets

before the horse breaks his leg

may you hedge all your bets


pay your debts, do not fret

let them dance on your grave

let your mind be set free

you have no soul to save


you must brave the unknown,

like a broken cellphone

they may call you a traitor

might hit you with stones


but even their bones

will return to the earth

not even one cosmic second

since birth


some might think they see

how we should live our lives

but they might as well be wielding

that dull butterknife


all this strife and this hatred

all this inhumanity

all that any of it means

is our minds are not free


like a tree that’s cut down

to erect prison walls

we should be climbing mountains

not shopping at malls


or sweating in factories

or mining cobalt

though our eyes can not see it

it’s still all our fault


kill ’em all includes us

we’re part of one galaxy

part of one solar system

we’re a leaf on a tree


in a sea of burning gases

together we drift

it is long over due

where’s the paradigm shift?


It’s a gift that we’re here

and a gift that we’ll die

but why must we credit

some ignorant, old guy


why buy pie-in-the-sky

tales of life after death

what the preacher is pushing

is far worse than meth


hold your breath before calling me

a crazy heretic

open your eyes and realize

what has made our world sick


sticks and stones broke the bones

of the ones who spoke out

said the earth’s not the center

yes, they dared to look out


and question what others

had taken as truth

we all should ask more questions

and demand to see proof


lets never stop looking

and never give up

we were born with two eyes

so lets open them up…




About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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