Decade & a Half Much Like The Rest

The military industry has won

year after year after year

after years

it’s just reruns

war is certainly here to stay

and we just blew up

a Syrian army base

without a trace of remorse

and of course

no one has to pay

and we have to stay the course

though the same day

ISIS rolled right in

and captured the burning embers

and now nobody remembers

the ashes and dust

and rubble

that we left on top of Doctors

Without Borders

see, nobody gets in trouble

just following orders

and it’s the same old song

but just the same,

we were wrong

all along

and we still are

and I drive a fast car

got a needle in my arm

can’t get very far

without a fix

and oil and water

don’t mix

and Uncle Sam will screw you

while you’re looking the other way

and the Sioux lose

and we all pay

and amazing grace will play

as they hand your mom a flag

and we dance around your grave

you were a good brave

but you gave your life

for the crown

pledged your allegiance,

stood for the anthem

then they carried you away

and threw you in the ground

oh, say


bottle of Rosé

lets have another round

stay drunk

and high

and soon enough

you’ll die

no need to cry

their greed relies

and the eagle flies

through polluted skies

so dry

the fire spreads

soon, we’ll all be dead

and they break our bones

for bread

that they don’t need

and will never eat

and we’re sitting


denying defeat

lying to ourselves

that the system can save us

though we all see the clowns

that this system gave us

and we all hope and pray

for a brighter day

and we all stay drunk

as we look away

from the cities and towns

that our taxes burned down

now theres oil beneath

ancient burial mounds

and we still pay our taxes

like good little kids

saying shame on Kaepernick

for what he did

but the truth was hidden

all along

slavery ingrained

in a patriotic song

and woven right into

the fabric of the flag

trust in fairy tales

and in body bags

and God save the system

your prophets are dead

say your prayers, little darlings

before going to bed

just know in your hearts

you can sleep soundly

we are killing brown people

so that you can be free

from the burden

of doing it yourself

thank God Professor Zinn’s books

are not on your shelf

God forbid that you question

even part of this script,

just go back to the doctor

have him fill all your scripts

and remember, my darlings

that these pills are good

and remember to focus

on Hollywood

and on Football

and pop singers

and on Dancing Stars

think not about war

while you drive your fast car

with your finger on the trigger

and that needle in your arm

and keep paying your taxes

or we’ll take grandpa’s farm.

It’s been a decade

and a half

much like the rest

stop luring kids with candy

that you’ll stick on their chest

when they die

and moms cry

it has long been the same

forget taking a knee

lets just sit out the game.

About soitgoes1984

I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the Hawaiian Kingdom which is currently illegally occupied by the American government. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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